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Thread: Jai Rodriguez - Culture Vulture

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    JAI!!!!!!! :blush

    Jai is so cute! Oh and that smile of his. Why couldn't he be straight?

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    jai, to become one of his fan are great. i even love the name. he is soooooo cute. kyan must be the luckiest man on earth. am i right.

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    Re: Jai Rodriguez - Culture Vulture

    so jai is making his reality show hosting debut this saturday as i'm sure most of you are aware!

    he's hosting "GROOMER HAS IT", a reality show about dog groomers shot in the same style as Bravo's "Top ____" series. I found a posting in another forum with some youtube clips....I can't post links yet, so if you search for 'groomer has it' on youtube you should find it...

    i think it's interesting, ted allen has been a judge on top chef (and is a regular now) and now jai is kinda following in his footsteps in a similar show. which fab five member will be hosting a show next?

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