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Thread: Jai Rodriguez - Culture Vulture

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soul_Sympathy
    Oh my gosh! I couldn't stop laughing when Jai handcuffed himself! When Carson tried to axe it Jai was mortified! And it looked so... cute! Oh my gosh I would've been there to hold his hand!!! It could've been me!!

    OMG! I know! He looked so scared! He is SUCH a cutie! And then when he was handcuffed to the lamp! Aww, he is so cute!

    --Molly, the goth

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    I know what Jai's job is (basically). It occured to me while I wondered what it must be like to be one of the MB's.

    Imagine a troupe of people, camera crew, lights, boom mic, storm into your home, and dismantle it. They dishevel you, your closet, your personal belongings... Even though you 'signed up for it' (or someone did that for you), it's gotta be a shock. It's gotta be a lot to take in.

    By the time the day's almost over, and they're about to leave... is when Jai usually pulls the MB aside to chat quietly.

    By then the MB's nerves must all be standing on end ! Jai talks to them quietly and gives them a confidence booster. He reminds them of what their goals are and goes quickly over what was covered that day - etc. He holds their hand (not literally - or does he) and tells 'em they can do it.

    SO his job is to soothe them, focus them and give 'em a big recharge ! After a tornado of a day, his job's pretty vital.

    That's what I think his job is. It may not be as clear cut as "food", "grooming" "couture" or "decor" but - vital all the same.

    Just my .02 and a half.

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    Jai have siblings..?

    yeah, i agree. jai's pretty vital in the show.

    hey btw, does anybody know how many siblings jai have? and what their names are?

    thx agen.

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    Ooooo someone from Aussie too . No not sure about Jai's sibs, I would love to know too, again just joining in with everyone ( remember to trod on me if I am getting the subject of the thread wrong) I think Jai is such a beautiful person, a really really sweet person . It is so benificial to have him in the show. He is the reomantic sensetive side and all the straight guys really take to him cause he is gentle and not overbearing. He is so scincere and gets very emotional sometimes which I find just gorgeous. Jai is defiently one of my favs and SUPER BENIFICIAL ......oh and it helps he has Bambi eyes too....... yum......

    Mandy xoxoxoxo

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    welcome queereyegurl.
    i'm expecting to get trod on too cos i'm new here too. lol
    hope somebody has any info on whether jai has any siblings.. especially look a likes. *wink wink nudge nudge*

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    Heya there !! Oh good lets get trod on together, you know I broke into laughter when I saw that broken egg pic with ur name, made me think of all the other group members and you or I after getting the thread wrong . Teehee, cant get over all my spelling errors in my last post, sorry all, late night typing always brings those results. Mmm lookalikes. Well my friend Scott is like Jai, like really sweet and pocketsized cute but not lookaliky . When he joins I will get him to send a pic. I just saw that ep with Jai and the handcuffs ( sorry if you all find you are repeating yourselves seeing it looks like we are an ep behind :rolleyes ) Oh my god, that was so adorable. Then getting caught on the lamp, just the look of hopelssness on Jai's face, mild terror, dear in the headlights so to speak..... ooooooo Bambi eyes.....squeak ........

    Mandy xoxoxox

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    lol. yeah, i just saw that ep aired last night as well. it was mighty coote how jai got handcuffed. *sigh* ah... if only we got to be handcuffed next to him instead of the lamp.

    jai rox

    p.s. don't you just love his hair..? so funkilicious.

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    Well if Jai had any siblings! I hope he has a straight brother!

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    lol. true that ^

    and hopefully he'll be 16. ^^"
    maybe an exact look a like even. lol.

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    He is so adorable , just those eyes, god talk about melt everytime he does his real serious pursed lips look ( yep I take WAYYY TOO MUCH NOTICE,teehee ) I know that I would grab the other end of his cuffs and attach them to my wrist and simply say "Mine now, like it or not snoogims" Mwahhhmwhaaaa
    His hair is so gorgeous. You know it was funny how it was real short in the ep before when the boys made over the gay guy and then all funky again. I love it when his hair is all funky and mush- worthy looking. He is so cooooote alrighty. Well maybe he might have a 16 year old straigh bro and a 23 year old straight bro, both identicle to him... we dont want tooo much do we

    Mands xoxoxoxox

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