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Thread: Chelsea

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    i think she's getting the runner up edit!

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    Uggh, I love her! She always struggles in reharsals but excels in the performances!

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    Chelsea is awesome! I really think she has a good chance of making it onto PCD! I really dont think her dancing is THAT bad...

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    Quote Originally Posted by KinmokuPrincess;2297013;
    Chelsea is awesome! I really think she has a good chance of making it onto PCD! I really dont think her dancing is THAT bad...
    I know!
    Like Mayukhers112 said, she may struggle in rehearsals, but in performances she shines!
    PCD honestly needs some vocal talent in that group and Miss Chelsea could definitely help them out.
    Mikey is much too harsh to her...god he's so bitchy!
    He's got it stuck in his head that she's not a dancer and therefore he's much more likely to just give up on her and beat her down rather than actually try to help her out. SO annoying.
    I love that Chelsea has such great work ethic.
    And did anyone noticed how STUNNING she looked in her dress after the makeovers?!?!?

    <3 LOVE her.
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    Unfortunately, I think Chelsea could be in real trouble--she's not in the video preview (those not played up are usually on the chopping block!) and this week seems to be a lot about dancing:

    Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll - Yahoo! TV

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    I think Chelsea has really worked hard on the show. She has consistently stood out as the best performer in her group. She is young, cute and very sweet. Who wouldn't want to hang out with her! I don't know that she will win, but she is definitely a front runner to me.

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    Totally love this girl. She's her own individual self and she's got a spark about her which always draws my attention directly to her during the group performances. And the girl can sing. If the PCDs actually pick a girl who can sing, I will be impressed.

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    Chelsea - The Next PussyCat Doll

    Chelsea is my absolute favorite!! I usually pull for underdogs anyway, but I'm beginning to feel good about her chances of actually making it. She's still got a long way to go, but her ability to keep it together while being openly mocked by the other girls and pull through under brutal pressure from the flamey coreographer guy is nothing but admirable. Maintaining her composure and confidence under those conditions speaks volumes about the inner strength that lay behind that sweet face. Most all of the girls are very pretty, but her wholesome natural beauty shines through the ugliness that sometime surrounds her. Every time the group is shown together, my eyes are drawn to her and I see almost no one else. She is so much stronger than most people give her credit, and that gives her an edge. The other girls will hopefully continue to underestimate her until it is too late for them. More than anything else her determination to not only lose such a huge amount of weight and keep it off, is to heroic. But the fact that she could overcome something like that to the point that she can give those other model quality girls a hard run for their money simply melts my heart. I think I'm in love.
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    Aww I loved Chelsea from the first episode when she was so sweet to the girls. I actually think shes the prettiest girl there! Look at that face she looks like a real doll. Shes got a strong voice too so phew for that. The dance part she can still learn hopefully that doesnt hurt her in this competition Sad that most of the pussycats dance more than they sing ...

    Chels and Melissa R are my current fave and i would get quite mad if that phony Melissa S made it further than them.

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    Hehe I actually don't like her at all.
    The way she acted when Melissa S and Asia trained their song without her was so childish. I was like "Get up and jump into the dancing, instead of whinning. Can It be that hard?"
    She Is not a Pussycat Doll...

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