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Thread: Amanda Valentine - All Stars 6

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    Amanda Valentine - All Stars 6

    Amanda Valentine

    All Stars 6 - Rookie

    Nashville, TN
    Project Runway Season 11 (8th Place)
    Project Runway Season 13 (Runner-up)

    Bring us up to speed! What have you been up to since your time on “Project Runway”?
    I’ve been busy creating custom looks for rock bands like Twenty One Pilots, Hayley from Paramore, and running my brand AMANDA VALENTINE. I’m shipping orders all over the world — from Japan and Korea to Australia, France, Germany, and Sweden. It’s been a thrill seeing my dresses on all times of women all over the world!

    What garment from your season of “Runway” do fans compliment you on the most to this day?
    I still hear about my dress from Season 13’s street style challenge. I’ve adapted that dress a few different ways and named it the “Mod Block Dress.” It’s still my number one seller!

    What do you think you are best remembered for from your season?
    The sweetest thing anyone could ever say to me is that they can imagine being friends with me in real life. I really wanted to be myself on the show, which can be hard to do with 10 cameras in your face and in an intense competitive environment. You almost feel like you have to wear a mask to protect yourself. But I wanted to show reality of that situation — that sometimes you are hurt, often times you are stressed, but most of all, you are a real human.

What are your strengths as a designer at this point in your career? Any weaknesses you’re still working on?
    Now that I’ve been doing this long enough, I’m proud of the aesthetic I’ve created and how I’m able to stay true to that. You can spot my bright maxi dresses a mile away — and it took years of creative work to figure out my “vibe.” My weaknesses all surround the fact that I am NOT a savvy businesswoman. The last things I think about are marketing plans or sales projections. I’d be happy hiding away just making dresses day in and day out.

How has your design aesthetic changed since your time on the show, if at all?
    My design aesthetic has gotten stronger and stronger, and I really credit the pressure of the show with forcing that to happen! When I was on Season 11 I was afraid to be a one trick pony — I thought every look had to be so different from the last. I finally realized that your individual voice as a designer is the most important thing you have!

    Who is your favorite fellow “Project Runway” designer from any season, including yours, and why?
    Hands down Mychael Knight, though we were never on a season together. We met through an event in Nashville and he was so generous with information and advice on how to handle life AFTER “Runway.” He went as far as sharing business documents for me to use as templates. We kept in touch for years and his recent passing is just absolutely devastating. He was not only a brilliant designer and artist, but a dazzling, kind, beautiful human being. I love him dearly.

    What makes you all-star material?
    What makes me an all-star is what makes all creative entrepreneurs all-stars! We don’t back down, we work insanely hard and get back up after any setback. 

    Project Runway All Stars Cast | Lifetime

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    Re: Amanda Valentine - All Stars 6

    Again? *sigh*

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    Re: Amanda Valentine - All Stars 6

    I’ve been busy creating custom looks for rock bands like Twenty One Pilots, Hayley from Paramore,
    Besides the Oh, No, Not Again, remember that her brother plays guitar in Maroon 5, so the rock band affiliation is interesting.
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    Re: Amanda Valentine - All Stars 6

    I actually like her.
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