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Thread: Ari South - All Stars 6

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    Ari South - All Stars 6

    Ari South

    All Stars 6 - Veteran

    Honolulu, HI
    Project Runway Season 8 (3rd Place)
    Project Runway All Stars Season 3 (11th Place)

    Ari competed on Season 8 of “Project Runway” as Andy South and made her debut to the world as a woman, on Season 3 of “Project Runway All Stars.” Since then, Ari has been successful in both fashion and in her goal to shed light on the transgender community. Her first collection after Runway was picked up by Neiman Marcus in Hawaii, and her garments have continued to be carried there ever since.

    This time around, Ari is more confident and comfortable than ever, both personally and professionally. She’s ready to show the judges who she really is as a designer, and is excited to come back and compete on the new season of “All Stars.”

    Project Runway All Stars Cast | Lifetime

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    Re: Ari South - All Stars 6

    I was soooo stupid-in-love with her stuff and fangirled at her during her first All Stars! I'm gonna FREEEK for her at this All Stars!
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