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Thread: Ven Budhu - Season 10

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    What bothered me about Ven was his textile wasn't really a textile... he barely used it, more as a sad accessory than an interesting textile. He didn't even try to challenge himself and he refused to listen or take advice.

    He should have been eliminated.

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    Re: Ven Budhu - Season 10

    Episode 10 - The designers went to Radio City Music Hall to find out about their challenge. With $250, they were to design a glamorous, modern costume for the Rockettes. It needed to be versatile enough to wear year-round and appealing from a distance, not just close-up, so people at the back of the hall could enjoy it, too.

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    Re: Ven Budhu - Season 10

    I guess Ven is one note after all....
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    Re: Ven Budhu - Season 10

    This dress has the front profile of my little pink cotton dance dress when I was 7 years old. I had hoped for mere from Ven on this one.

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