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Thread: 9/26 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 9/26 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata View Post
    In past seasons the top 8 or so designers have all shown at Fashion Week. I do hope Kate made that cut as I would like to see a collection by her. I also can't wait to see one done by Alexandria .. all those poopy pants and unfinished rag tops and weirdly tailored clothes and of course her brilliant choices of color and pattern. (loads of sarcasm there just in case no one got it)
    Alexandria should have gone home with all her poopy pants, off line unfinished squares last night!
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    Re: 9/26 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    HOW did Alexandria end up in the safe zone? Huh??

    Yes, Kate's dress was simply awful. I agree with the judges. However, I truly thought they'd give her a pass and let her continue in the contest. I'm shocked, actually.

    Helen's dress was boring and I hated the white with cream. Awful!

    Oh, I could actually go on and on...

    Truthfully, I wasn't that impressed by any of the final looks walking down that runway. The fact that they were to be inspired by somebody totally screwed with their heads, imo.

    Let me add:

    I find it so interesting that Helen goes on and on about how she hates prints, how she can't work with prints, how prints aren't ever part of her designs YET her body is more than 50% covered with tattoos. She is now and will be wearing a "pattern" for the rest of her life. Mind boggling that she doesn't see it that way!!!
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    Re: 9/26 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Tinderbox - loved your comment about Helen's tattoos.

    Dom's dress was the only one I really liked. I liked Braden's dress and the jacket separately, but didn't like them together. Helen's outfit was cute -- with the emphasis on "cute." Her print looked like some fabric my niece decorated using star stamps; I didn't get how she got the stars from being inspired by her artist; the dress was cute, but looked like something from a "budget" store. Alexander's design, IMO, was the worst, with Kate and Alexandria not too far behind. Justin's was okay -- I didn't mind the white lower half of the dress.

    Even though Kate's dress was awful this week, I didn't think she'd be sent home as she's been in the top 3 so frequently (and, IMO, has deserved to win some of those times and didn't). Going on this week alone, though, her dress was worse than Justin's.
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    Re: 9/26 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I pegged Dom's dress as the winner the minute it came down the runway. It was runway/editorial both. I thought Bradon was unnecessarily fawned over...come on it was a tube dress with a questionably patterned bomber jacket. Justin's inspiration was a pageant contestant, did they not expect him to make a gown? Really? Alexander/Alexandria by far were the worst two showings. I liked Helen's two piece, I just didn't care for the material.

    My order of preference tonight was:

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    Re: 9/26 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    This is a bit off subject but what did you all think about that blue dress Miss USA wore when she met with Justin? I'm no prude but I was a bit taken back by it. That dress was something you would see on the red carpet for the VMAs, not a dress for a casual afternoon meeting. My, my. I guess my age is showing.
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    Re: 9/26 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    She was representing the organization, and in front of cameras, so I wasn't surprised she was pageant runway ready.
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    Re: 9/26 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I'm glad I wasn't the only one who was flabbergasted that Alexandria was called safe. When that model walked down the runway, I was absolutely certain she was out. Not only did the outfit look as if it had simply been thrown at the model, but the print was nothing special either. I think she should have gone home instead of one of those who did, though I didn't think their outfits/prints were good either. Hers was just so much worse. I also agree about the poopy pants. What woman really wants to dress like that (other than Heidi, who should be forced to wear them on multiple red carpets and take every bit of crap they deserve for liking them so much)?

    I would have given the win to Braden over Dom, however. I did think that Dom did a good job, but I'm not a big fan of hot pink, and I found the smear of pink right on the model's boobs a little disconcerting. It looked like someone with pink paint on his/her hands had just felt her up. On the other hand, I really liked the shade of blue Braden used, and I love bomber/baseball style jackets. I would wear that in a heart beat, though I wouldn't feel comfortable in the terribly fitted dress underneath it. It looked great on the model, but I'm not a six foot tall size two.
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    Re: 9/26 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    IMO the judges first erred in their Bottom 3. Kate, Alexander, and Alexandria were the clear GAKs this challenge, not Justin, who should've been declared "safe" (tho I think I may have actually liked his garment more than Dom's).

    But then those judges TRULY messed up when they sent Kate home. Really? I was stunned.
    After all the great work she's done this season, she sends out one disaster (and make no mistake, it was one fuuuuuugly disaster!) and BAM! She's auf'd?! Don't try to sell me "One day you're in, and the next you're out" when Alexandria lives to see another day week after week -- even after her load-in-the-pants design showed up not once, but twice?!?

    This week's results = EPIC FAIL.
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    Re: 9/26 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I love FORT! These comments are sooooo perfect! I thought I missed something when they didn't even speak about Alexandria's craft project.
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    Re: 9/26 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I've never really liked Kate..........but she has designed some lovely creations this season. Then she puts out one lousy one and she's gone! That makes no sense whatsoever. Alexandria makes awful things over and over and she's safe.
    I don't get it.
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