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Thread: 9/12 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 9/12 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by jadewarlock View Post
    Trust me - I'm in my 30s, don't normally wear a dress (they are impractical in my job)...

    But I'd pick BOTH of Jeremy's far before I'd pick Ken's tart dress.

    And I've seen nicer NIGHTGOWNS than what Ken first produced.

    I mean, come on he had a RACER'S STRAP BACK on a dress that did NOT need it on that redesign.

    Not to mention he was safe LAST week on an outfit that not only was ill made, it's something that is ALREADY in stores. I mean, say what you will about Alexandria's poopy pants ... she at LEAST created something you don't see in stores (good or bad reason, she thought outside the box).

    I now deeply regret saying that Michelle last season didn't deserve a second chance after not following the rules of the Nina Garcia challenge... She deserved it FAR MORE than Ken did. He should've been out, because first go - Jeremy may have had it "old" but it was wearable in the day.

    Ken produced a nightgown to sleep in from the looks of things. Second go - as Bearcata mentioned, Jeremy's is actually something you'd see people wear every day (and evening), and Ken's, well... I've said enough of my opinion of it (well no, not to mention again I've seen a dress looking EXACTLY like that in a store, minus the racer back. Jeremy has had a similar one out there, but it's more of a shirt, not a dress).

    Jeremy is full class, but even he could smell the BS from miles away - more than the 40 between a cattle town and big city (and yes, you can smell a feedlot from that distance if just right). He put it in perspective - he'd get to see his kids (and I'm sure husband) sooner.

    I hope that if there is a contestant from this season's "PR" on the new all stars it's him. He was TRULY robbed.

    Oh... and BTW - Belk does sell outfits like Jeremy's. They shouldn't lie to us when we can do research.

    As I cannot put in links - look at their web site, click on complete looks. You will see designs by Cynthia Rowley that border on the more matronly look and a few jackets that were similar to Jeremy's "madam" look. (Which - if they're meaning that as the "protecting dorm mother of the ladies of the evening" madam, they're really mixed up... unless they go more "Best Little Whorehouse in Texas.")

    OK, I'm sorry, but there is no real reason Ken should've won, not with that outfit and NOT with his attitude.

    Just a quick maybe a little silly comment ... but I think of the South as being a warm climate. So, I can't see someone wearing Ken's original dress on a warm day ... and in the second version ... he just cooled it from the bottom.
    Ken & Dom should have been the Bottom 2 at first ... and Ken should have been gone. Done.
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    Re: 9/12 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I just finishing watching the runway again and its rather bizarre and fun to watch Ken's face when he listens to comments about other designers work from the judges. It is obvious that he thinks everyone else work is crap and only he should get any praise. When he gets criticizes he is trying so hard to control his evil demon self that it is almost laughable. Still I wonder how bad it would be if he ever did unleash his evil demon self on the judging panel? CSI anyone?

    It also was kinda funny to see the judges praise everything Dom and Ken mocked in the other designers outfits as being the "modern southern woman".
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    Re: 9/12 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I can picture Nancy Sinatra with her white go-go boots wearing a mini-skirt version of Helen's dress.
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    Re: 9/12 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I still think Helen's really hot, but that doesn't influence my decision on wanting her to win.

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    Re: 9/12 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I thought Helen should have been in the bottom three. Her dress was awful, maybe had it been shorter it would have been cute, but not what she sent down that runway. Ugh. I don't like most of her designs, and they seem to always be similar.

    Ken is a terror. Did any of you notice how angry he got every time a judge had something negative to say about his dress? His face spoke volumes, he was absolutely furious. He has a major screw loose, that's for sure, and he needed to go. I think most of his work has been nothing but shite. And his personality is pure sh*t.

    I actually liked Jeremy's dress. I have seen women in a look similar to that, many times, yes even in this day and age, lol. I did not think the fabric was awful, I thought it was colorful and pretty. Yes it might have been a bit dated or just not fresh, but how many times do those judges complain about that then turn to somebody else's design(s) and say "it's so 50's!" like it's a good thing? They do that a lot. It makes no sense to me. His dress could have been better had it been a bit shorter, I think. But I thought it was fine. And if you ask me, anything other than a dress cut into strips at the bottom was refreshing, lol. Too much of that going on, and I didn't think it always worked well.

    I got so angry when Jeremy went and not Ken that I yelled NOOOOOO at the television and I'm pretty sure the neighbors heard me.

    These judges are really starting to get on my nerves.
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    Re: 9/12 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    The promo for next week showed what looks like Tim confronting Ken. Ken is one loose cannon, and his mom said when they were Skyping "did your other side come out yet"? Yikes, even his mom is concerned! It appears that he is being kept on for drama, but when a more talented person is sent home (Jeremy) it's time to cut him loose! Tim is being too diplomatic with him, and Ken needs to be confronted about his volatile behavior.

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    Re: 9/12 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Helen robbed Kahindo and Ken robbed Jeremy. So as justice should have it, neither will make the finale.

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    Re: 9/12 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I was completely incensed when Ken was safe and Jeremy was out. I'm getting so fed up w/what they call "reality" shows, particularly when it's basically a contest....like my disgust over how MasterChef was manipulated this year. None of these shows are believable in any way....so what's the point??? I resent them calling it "Reality."

    I may be the only person but I loved Justin's creation. What fabulous skills he has to make a dress that drapes so perfectly on the body. It was very interesting and looked like the creator really understood his chosen fabric and how it moves and drapes. It was so simple and subtle that you had to look closely to see how lovely it was.
    If I had my old body from years and years ago, I'd buy it in a minute.
    But that's not going to happen.
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    Re: 9/12 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I didn't like Jeremy's "outfit." It looked circ 1955. "Outfits" disappeared in the 60s. I can see a woman in her 70s wear it but not someone young. Who wears a dress with a matching jacket?! He made the same mistake earlier with the orange lace jacket. I was not surprised to see him go. I forgot what he did with it for his second chance.

    The southern woman, is there such a thing? Emily Maynard's clothes were on trend and you can find her look worn from NYC to LA. I bet she likes the plaid dresses. I have spent some time in Asheville NC; it is a hip place where styles are diverse. Atlanta, you see all kinds of style.

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    Re: 9/12 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I've watched Project Runway for years (I just missed the first season). But, this year I just can't stand it. I think Ken and his nasty comments about and toward the other contestants just turned me off. I've boycotted and stopped watching. I've read here that Ken is still on, so I made the right choice. I have never been so turned off by a contestant on a reality show as I have with Ken (although some have come close). If he ends up winning this year, I think I'm done with Project Runway in the future too.

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