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I see nothing wrong with the designers creating uniforms. Fashion is about creating looks for clients, to meet the needs of their lifestyle or work, so there's no reason uniforms can't be fashionable. At a club, staff uniforms are an important part of the overall tone of the place. A formal place has more formal, traditional staff uniforms while an informal place has more informal, quirky uniforms.

Sure the uniforms are a promotion for the club, too. Just as an individual's outfit "promotes" them.

And somebody has to make uniforms for businesses. Should they go to someone who has no training in making clothes to create their uniforms? That wouldn't make any sense. If the designers feel that making uniforms is beneath them, they'll be cutting themselves off from a huge market for their clothes.

They used to have a UK version of PR, which I watched while I lived in England. Once they had a challenge where they had to design uniforms for a luxury hotel chain. At the beginning one of the judges (a British designer) said that he'd been asked to do the uniforms for British Airways. He added that it was a big deal for a designer to get a commission like that, because you got a lot of recognition and money for it.

Also, didn't Ralph Lauren do the uniforms for the US Olympic team last year?