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Thread: 11/15 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

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    Re: 11/15 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    I hated Laura's. It looked like she drug in on the floor rather tan dyed it. It went with the picture, but I couldn't get over how dirty parts of it looked.

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    Re: 11/15 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    My critiques:

    Anthony Ryan: I'm glad he won because I liked his outfit and it was so him but his look wasn't my favorite of the week. I liked the use of color and the geometrical patterns he created with the lines on the front and the back. It's too bad the official website didn't post the inspiration photos so we could compare them to the outfits created from them.

    Emilio: I didn't like Emilio's dress at all but knew right away it would appeal to the judges. For some reason, messes like this are popular in runway shows. To me, his model looks like a mushroom, and not the cute little toadstools but the big, mushy mushrooms that stink to high heavens. Everything about the outfit is godawful.

    Laura Kathleen: I also didn't like Laura Kathleen's dress. I hate the dye job. It looks muddy to me, not flattering at all. I would not leave the house in a dress that looks like I rolled around in the mud after a rainstorm.

    Althea: Her outfit was so bad, she's lucky she wasn't eliminated. The pants were a shockingly bad fit. If she intended for them to like baggy and ill-tailored, I can't imagine why. I wish the jacket and pants were different colors, or at least different tones of the same color. It's way too much boring beige for my liking.

    Joshua: Oh, Joshua, what a disaster! I think a little kid making clothes for their paper dolls would have came up with the same design he did, except that perhaps they might have gotten the hem of the skirt straight. I don't know on what planet or in what lighting he thought this would look good but here on Earth, the only place this outfit would look nice is in pitch black. It should be tossed in a dumpster and never spoken of again. This is NOT all-star quality!

    Andrae: Luckily for Joshua, Andrae's outfit was even worse than his. I agreed with the judges that the fabric used was wrong and the zipper made it wrinkle up all along the length of the zipper, which pretty much affected the whole outfit because of his placement of multiple zippers. He should have saved his paneled zipper idea for an avante garde challenge and then chosen a stiff enough fabric to work with the zippers instead of mixing in all those ideas in this challenge. Sheesh, those pink shoes with the orange and green outfit make this look even more hideous, if that's even possible.

    Casanova: Surprisingly, this was my favorite outfit of the week. I've never been a fan of Casanova so I can't believe he turned out the best look! I was so disappointed when he was declared safe and not even considered for the win.

    Ivy: I guess I just don't get her because I don't like anything Ivy creates. I hate the black shorts peeking out beneath the skirt. Personally, I think a person needs to decide if they're going to wear a dress, shorts, a skirt, or pants and not mix and match them. It puzzles me when the designers send a model down the runway wearing a dress and pants. If the black pants are there because the skirt is too see-through, I wish she had made them nude-colored so they didn't show. If the skirt is considered a wrap over the pants, they needed to be less bulky or more sheer so that they read as a coverup, not a skirt.

    Kayne: What happened to the Kayne Gillaspie I used to know and love?? This outfit is not indicative of the wonderful outfits he created on his previous season. It's at least not toally wackadoo, like his outfit last week, but it's too safe, nothing original or compelling. I don't like the lacy inset on the back. In the pictures, it makes it look like the model has a hairy back. Ugh!

    Uli: I liked the shape of Uli's dress but wish it had more color. Since it's the same color as the model's skin, it makes her look washed out. I'm just not a fan of neutrals. A little bit of them is fine but I like some contrast and a little pop of color is always nice.

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    Re: 11/15 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    Haven't watched the show yet, but will tonight or tomorrow. Based on the pictures, I fear that the judges are smokin' the same crack they were smoking when they gave the win to Wretchen. Emilio needs to be GONE, but he's in the top 3???? His appears to be better sewn than the bottom 3, but the design is - as someone said above - what you'd wear if you were planning to shoplift at the grocery store.

    Andrae - wondering if he's getting a share of the crack. He's so over-the-top hyper, I'm wondering if he would pass a drug test. I hope I'm wrong.

    Casanova's was my favorite, too.

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    Re: 11/15 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Shoepie View Post
    NotHeidi's dress was terrible.
    I have yet to see a dress on her that doesn't cause me to tilt my head to the side and ask "what the H is she wearing?" Is the person picking out her clothes mad at her or something?

    I like Casnova and Uli's creations and for once, Kayne didn't go over the top trying to embellish his dress, but it had very little to do with his photo.

    Bottom three for me would have been Althea (those pants were awful), Josh and Emilio (she looked like some demented mushroom from Fantasia).
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    Re: 11/15 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by ClosetRTWatcher View Post
    The dress the host model is wearing for elimination is one of the ugliest things I have seen on this show!!
    I couldn't agree more. She looks like she's wearing a suit of armor. Hideous!
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    Re: 11/15 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    I liked Laura's dress! It was thoughtful and the prints look great -
    Am just not sure about the top...

    Who would actually be able to pull off Emillio's dress is beyond me?
    The idea was interesting but it is what it is! A mushroom dress...-_-

    YaY for Anthony! I am so happy he won!
    I was rooting for him since season 9!

    I was laughing like crazy when Casanova described Kayne's dress...the 'Parisian prostitute'

    Joshua was just plain bad...I seriously hope he pulls out something great!

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    Re: 11/15 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    What was Althea smoking when she designed those Godawful pants? Seriously? How can she call herself a designer after creating those things?

    Emilio's dress should have been in the bottom three. I think he was sharing whatever Althea was enjoying.
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    Re: 11/15 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    I think Emilio went for the feeling of lightness and joy and youth that he felt from the picture and translated it to a dress, a very avant garde dress, not that wearable in real life. I think he did the best in translating the photo to fashion.

    Luv'ed the shopping lifting turkey under it comment.
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    Re: 11/15 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    I loved Emilio's gown. It seemed very Marie Antoinette, but I agree with Bearcata. This would have been a great dress to enter in an avant garde challenge. I loved the color and they way he used it both in the over skirt and the skirt lining.
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    Re: 11/15 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    I liked the lightness and quirkiness of Emilio's dress. He really did capture the feel of his photo. I also liked Uli's and Cassanova's designs.

    Hated Josh's, about as much as I hated his greased back hair, fake tan, black eyebrows, and stupid rolled up jeans, army boots, and cheap clip on flower on his jacket.

    That said, Andrae was the right choice to go. Good grief.
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