Week 11: Couture de France
Challenge: The designers head to Paris and visit the Eiffel Tower and Valentino fashion showrooms. Later, they return to New York City and create couture gowns.
Budget: 3,000 Euros
Episode details
* After seeing a runway show in Paris, the designers buy their fabric to take back to New York to create their own version of a couture gown.
* The judges had trouble deciding which designer to eliminate so the bottom two (Joshua and Uli) were given one hour to take their gowns apart and restructure them into a new look, right there on the runway. They were given the leftover scraps they had for the challenge to work with.
* Uli was criticized for the lining under her dress, which the judges didn’t like. Her restructured gown, rather than having the lining removed, was made using mostly the lining and the judges liked it better. Guest judge Cynthia Rowley commented that Uli’s move was a giant F U to the judges.
Guest judges: Designer Cynthia Rowley
Top 2: Anthony Ryan, Emilio
Winner: Anthony Ryan
Bottom 2: Joshua, Uli
Eliminated: Joshua

Next week: The finale!