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Thread: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    Here are pictures of this week's fashions:

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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    I sooo wished Ven had made the "she's almost 40" (or however he phrased it) comment on the runway instead of just to Tim. Heidi and Nina would have gone ballistic.
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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    Well this was a week for turnarounds in my opinions also. I went in liking Ven and barely being able to stand Gunner. I left ready for Ven to go home and really appreciating Gunner's attitude toward his model!! Even Elena grew on me this week.

    The one comment by Ven that annoyed me that hasn't been mentioned was when he said to his model "When you came in with your hair and makeup done I was really surprised at how good you looked". It DID NOT come off as "you looked great!" it came off as "you looked so terrible that I was surprised they improved you". GAH! I can't stand this guy now!! Of the three on the bottom, two of them really tried to please their clients. I thought they should have been kept for that reason and they should have sent Ven packing. I suspect they kept him because they think they will get more drama out of him than they would have from Nathan. I will be rooting against Ven until he is finally gone.

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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    That shiny blue fabric that Ven used shows up every season! Shiny is never right for daytime and that blue is NEVER good!

    Sonjia choked on this one. I like her though.

    Nathan! Ohhhhhhhhhhh my.

    Melissa, what was up with that oversized shawl? From what I could see of the dress it was not appropriate for a woman of her size and that may be the reason for the last minute shawl so she would feel comfortable and cover the flaws in the choice of garment. Since she didnt end up in the bottom no need to show that edit. There was a story there.

    FABIO!! What a dynamite dress! And what an adorable client!

    The others were just okay for me.

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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    Episode Notes:

    Up until now, Iíve been trying to limit my comments to constructive criticism, focusing more on the positives and what can be done to make the negative aspects better. This episode made me mad, though, so my critique may contain more vitriol than usual. Although, some designers did show a better side of themselves this week so it wonít all be bad!

    My critiques:

    This dress reminds me of Dmitryís from last week, with the cutouts around the waist on the back. On another week Alicia might have been in trouble because the dress is too short and her client looks like a waitress in a 50ís diner (one chocolate malt, coming up!) but lucky for her other designers had worse looks.

    I noticed Christopherís dress kept creeping up on the bottom hem. Iím not sure if it was the fabric or the cut making it do that. Other than that, the dress was nice enough. It showed off her new hairstyle and makeup well without her clothes becoming the center of attention.

    From the front, Dmitryís outfit is ok but after seeing the back, I donít like the big, long zipper snaking down her back, making all of her womanly bumps and curves painfully obvious. Was there a need for the zipper?? It looks like the fabric is stretchy enough to fit over her without zipping it, or he could have made the zipper go only to the waist so it avoided the rocky road down south. I just donít think the back of the dress looks flattering compared to the front.

    I thought Elena was going to have the worst client interaction this episode. It wouldnít have surprised me at all to see Elena rip her clientís arm off with her teeth the first time she voiced any criticism of Elenaís design plans and spit it at her friend. However, Elena was actually joking around in the sewing room and was so nice and supportive of her client. The other thing I worried was that her client was going to come down the runway with massive shoulderpads on top of her already slightly bulky frame. Instead, Elena ditched her fugly shoulders and gave her client a sleeveless look that flattered her frame. My opinion of Elena improved 300% after this episode! Maybe she is listening to what the judges and her fellow designers are telling her.

    I loved Fabioís dress! Iím not even a neutrals lover but he provided enough contrast and bits of color in the lipstick, bag, and belt, plus an interesting pattern, to keep the dress from looking dull. Iíd love to buy a bunch of dresses like this in different colorsóone with shades of blue, another with shades of purple, one in peach, etc. He took a chance with the edgy haircut but it was perfect for his client. I think before the makeover she was struggling to define herself and he sent her in the right direction to show off her quirky personality.

    Gunnarís model looks to me to be about as heavy Venís model but you didnít hear one word of complaint from him about having to work with her. He was genuinely happy to help her and treated her with respect, leading her to put on quite a show on the runway. Gunnar showed that you reap what you sow. Put out positivity and it will come back to you. Truthfully, I didnít care too much for Gunnarís look. It reminded me too much of Raulís ruffled black bib top that got him sent home last week. However, his clientís personality and enthusiasm, plus her exuberant runway walk, enabled her to make it work.

    Personally, I would have put Melissa in the bottom three instead of Nathan this week. Iím surprised that the judges didnít have her client take off the shawl so they would see the dress below better. It looks to me like the shawl is covering up fit issues. I wonder if they didnít put Melissa in the bottom because she had immunity so she wasnít going home anyway? Although, I seem to recall Bert from a few seasons back being in the bottom three for his Lucky CharmsĖlike outfit and being told by the judges that the only reason he wasnít going home that week was because he had immunity.

    Iíve seen Paul Abdul wear outfits like this before and the client liked it so doesnít that count for something? Nathan didnít let his client dictate the whole look, like the judges said. She wanted a cutoff at the midriff and he had the good sense to talk her out of it. His look was by no means the best this week but come onóit wasnít the worst!

    This dress is wrong for so many reasons. The awful placement of the knot on the front makes her client look bulky around the waist, where she should be at her narrowest, the length is way too short, and the proportions just in general were off. After all the complaints about her dress, the judges had the nerve to call Nathanís dress hoochie mama but how about this one? To me, it deserves to be on the Hoochie Express, too.

    Man, where to startÖEven before you get to the clothes, I donít care for the poor girlís hairstyle. She looks like a frumpy soccer mom in need of a makeover, but this is the after picture, not the before picture! I think Ven was on the right track with her hair needing more volume but the heavy bangs are doing her no favors. Perhaps a layered do with bangs worked in would have looked more flattering. Itís a shame that Ven didnít talk to his client to find out what she likes and what her lifestyle is like so he could design an outfit to fit her needs. This outfit doesnít suit the lady so itís no wonder she looked so unhappy in it on the runway.

    When working with plus sizes, you want the clothes to create the illusion of length to make the woman look taller and slimmer instead of making her look short and stumpy. Having a bright top with a black skirt separated at the waist is not a flattering look at all. It makes a heavier woman look like two tater tots stacked together. The zippered slit on the skirt is inappropriate for a woman of her age and weight and just makes her look cheap.

    Ven kept moaning about how he alone was stuck with a plus size model (not true!) and that it was done on purpose to sabotage him. First of all, I think the drawing was totally random. Even if it wasnít, Ven might have been paired with his client because the judges thought he was most suited for the challenge and being plus-sized himself he would empathize with his client and understand the needs of a plus-sized person. It was bad enough for Ven to complain once about his client, behind her back, but he pissed and moaned throughout the whole show, behind her back with the other designers, in solo confessionals, and with Tim, then on the runway in front of his client and the judges!

    On the first episode, before the designers were picked for the show and were presenting their outfits to Mondo and other Project Runway alumni to get on the show, Ven said his look was romantic. Does he believe that plus-sized women are not entitled to look good and feel good about themselves, or to have romance in their lives? Are they supposed to dress in a muumuu and stay at home watching tv with their cats? As a heavy dude himself, he has a lot of nerve complaining about his clientís weight and shape. As a designer, he had the opportunity to help a woman who was facing the challenge of being plus-sized alone. If he had gotten to know her and designed something for her that brought out her best features while diminishing her problem areas, he could have made a real difference in boosting her self-confidence. Instead, he only made her feel worse about herself, by making her feel like his clothes didnít look good on her because she was the wrong shape. Venís attitude disgusts me. It would have been bad enough if he thought that way about plus sizes but then managed to design a good look for her anyway but he failed on all fronts. I canít believe the judges didnít send his sorry butt home. I've already auf'd him in my mind after this episode.
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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    I dare say that Ven may be the most hated contestant on reality tv right now! OMG, what a total jerk. As others have stated upthread, he went from being my favorite, to my very least favorite. No matter what he does from this point, I want him GONE! What is so terrible about the man, is that he still doesn't get it. Even after Heidi scared him about going home too, he still didn't get it. They were just picking on him and it wasn't fair to him......please. He just doesn't get it.

    The worst thing about Ven is that he was cruel to a nice lady. That is unforgiveable. You can't change cruel. He will be terribly challenged in his career due to this. I just pray that PR doesn't reward him and allow him to win this contest. I pray reason and fairplay will prevail.

    I hated his design too. And FYI, Ralph Lauren and Jones New York have huge lines of plus size ladies clothes in 14-22 or up to
    3X. He obviously doesn't know as much about ladies fashion as he thinks.

    My favorite design was Gunnars. It suited her well and she loved it. I didn't care very much for any of the other designs.
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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    I've been overweight all of my life. I've recently lost weight but I'm very busty so I will always be a bit more round. My metabolism has always been slow and it's hard for me to lose and maintain weight. Frankly, I've had to learn to love and accept my body. Unless I want to eat less than 1000 calories per day, do an hour of cardio every day and have a breast reduction, this is the body I will live with. Ven's comments made me so angry I actually had to pause the DVR, walk out of the room to cool off, and then come back.

    I grew up with a mother that weighed me every Saturday morning and bought every piece of clothing in Black because "black was slimming". I almost refuse to wear black now because of that, and now at 50 years old I refuse to tell my mother exactly how much I weigh because I know how she will make me feel. What Ven said to that woman was not only insensitive, it was cruel. How does Ven know that this woman is not comfortable in her own body? So she's curvy... what if she embraces her curves and wants to wear purple? What if she has lost some weight recently and has a new found confidence in how she looks? He just shot her down and killed any confidence that she had in herself. He knows nothing about her because he didn't ask. He couldn't hide his revulsion when he saw her and it showed. I think Ven is one that has this stereotypical view of any woman who is not a perfect size 2, that they are lazy and sit around all day eating Ho Ho's.

    Ven is an artist who wants to create. He's somewhat talented, I give him that... but I don't think he should be designing clothes for women. Put a paint canvas in front of him and let him express himself there. Originally I was going to give him the benefit of the doubt, even though I saw the arrogance during the auditions when the first thing out of his mouth was about the awards that he's won and that everyone should be intimidated. He shows no human qualities at all. I can't remember the last time I saw him smile. Got news for you Ven... you might have come on this show to further your career, but you might have just gagged on your own foot hard enough to keep anyone who saw you on PR from buying your line. Count me as one of 'em Sugar...

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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata View Post
    I have now seen the entire episode and am even more disgusted by Ven. I don't even have to post anything everyone here is doing a marvelous job. It's that how dare Ven insult his client when he could stand to lose 60, 80 even a 100lbs. If Ven had just said one thing I would have been OK with it but it was non stop and the constant whining to his fellow contestants was a bit much. What was a very interesting contrast is the consultation with the hairdresser, how the hairdresser knew how to talk to the clients and saved Ven at that point. What is totally unbelievable is that when Ven talked to his client and was insulting her with every sentence everyone else in the room got it but him. This is where I would have loved to hear Tim Gunn's comments.
    Tim commented on Twitter & on his official FB page: "By the way, a Size 14 is just on the cusp of plus size. And a motivated designer can make a Size 28 look fabulous. Think of the opera divas!"

    Also, he or PR posted this:

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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    Everyone has basically said what I would say. Ven was my favorite, now I don't want him to win, nor will I ever buy anything he would ever sell. He made that poor woman feel terrible and he should be ashamed of himself. Unfortunately he's not and that's even worse.

    I hope they got someone to give her a real make-over that made her feel special. Michael Kors should have stepped up or the other guest designer and told her right then they'd make something for her. It was not only awful that Ven treated her that way but that the show allowed that to happen.

    What's with some designers being so challenged by 'real' women? This is probably why they are on Project Runway and not making a bigger name for themselves. They aren't designing for real women and they will never make it big if they can't do that. Every season we see this happen. At the very least it shouldn't be a surprise when there is a regular size people challenge. They should have some things ready in their heads to make. If they're only designing for models to wear their clothes how much do they realistically think they can sell? Models make up only a small percentage of the population.

    Gunner absolutely went from being bottom on my list to much higher. Not sure I can give him top billing, but he showed his respect to his client and made something wearable and she loved it. Elena as well. Who knew she had it in her!! They were a pleasant surprise. I loved how Alicia went totally out of her comfort zone to make that pink dress.

    Fabio should have lost the belt but everything else was spot on. It was a perfect dress for his client and really quite wearable for a lot of women. He could probably sell it today. Too bad it's not more like Fashion Star where they immediately sell the winner's look. I think he would have sold this one out very quickly.
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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    Interview with Tim Gunn and Jon Stewart. Designer's think the challenges are faked.

    Tim Gunn: 'Project Runway' designers think show's challenges are faked - The Clicker

    Tim Gunn: 'Project Runway' designers think show's challenges are faked

    Comedy Central

    During a Monday night interview on "The Daily Show," "Project Runway" mentor Tim Gunn explained the reason for all of the recent designer drama.
    By Ree Hines, TODAY contributor

    In just three weeks, the current season of "Project Runway" has already revealed big drama and one walk-off -- and if hints from host Heidi Klum are any indication, there's more of both to come in future episodes. So what's all of the hubbub about? According to Klum-pal and show mentor Tim Gunn, it's all about deluded designers.

    Sure, with nine past seasons of the reality TV competition to watch, the new contestants have had plenty of opportunities to see just how the show works -- from one-day designs to over-the-top challenges -- but as Gunn explained during a Monday night appearance on "The Daily Show With Jon Stewart," they just don't -- or at least, didn't -- believe it.
    Advertise | AdChoices

    "It's inconceivable to me, Jon. I say to them, 'Have you watched the show?!' And their response is 'Well, we thought you faked it,'" Gunn explained. "They think, 'Oh, we really have a week for these challenges.' 'No, you have a day. You get the challenge this morning; you're showing it on the runway for Heidi Klum tomorrow.'"

    In other words, what you see on the show is exactly what you get. And while none of the designers actually questioned Klum's authenticity, Gunn insisted she's the real deal too.

    "Heidi is impossible to fake," the veteran fashion consultant added. "She's breathtaking, isn't she?"

    Stewart was quick to agree before adding his own Klum-related tidbit.

    "Season 10 (of 'Runway'): Don't give anything away, (but) Heidi Klum gets eaten by a bear," he joked.

    Not possible, said Gunn. "Heidi could even seduce a wild bear!"
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