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Thread: 11/05 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Re: 11/05 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    I'm a little upset that Gordana agruably created the best piece this challenge and still got eliminated. Why was there not even a winner on this challenge? Did the designs suck that much? It was either that, or the judges didn't want to give Gordana the win she deserved because that meant that she would have to go to Fashion Week.

    I know it depends on people's different tastes, but the main reason of her elimination that Heidi voiced aloud was that they were apprehensive to put her through because of her past performance. What happened to, "One day you're in; the next day, you're out"? In the past, the judges have always judged the contestants solely on their most current performance--if they hadn't, then Kara, Daniel, and Michael would have won their seasons. Also, Austin Scarlet would have made Fashion Week while Wendy Pepper would have been auf'd. But now, they're taking into account the overall performances.

    So why even have a challenge?

    I will say that Irina, Carol Hannah, and Althea were the obvious frontrunners and the obvious choices for the F3. I expected them to all make it. But Althea pretty much bombed on this challenge, and yet she made it through. I'm not going to deny that she has had a stronger overall performance compared to Gordana, but it's like she can put a really weak design on the runway (and Gordana, one of her best) and still get through.

    Okay, my rant is done.

    Out of the F3, I want to see Irina win. She holds herself at a very high opinion, but I think she can back it up. She has been consistent throughout the whole season. I'll go as far as to say that she can even compete with some of the past contestants. I think she's a great designer and deserves to win.

    My gut says it's Carol Hannah though. She's the safest (and some can say most boring) designer out of the three, but I feel she's going to bring her A game with Fashion Week.
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    Re: 11/05 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    I thought Irina's dress was so 70's disco (Cacharel and Xanadu come to mind). I actually liked Althea's skirt minus the puckering (reminiscent of Leanne's dress). And Christopher, enough already with the crying. His aesthetic needs sophistication and class. Someone give this guy a subscription to Vogue or V please. I wish we had Epperson, or Ra Mon, or Malvin, or maybe even Ari in a challenge like this. None of the pieces in this challenge wowed me. I'm glad this season is about to end. It's like the season we need to get out of our system then we would be OK again. The producers need to throw in challenges that would really inspire creativity and they need to really seive out the untalented designers (maybe Mitchell has a little taste but someone forgot to check if he can sew). And the judges should not be so quick to eliminate designers who show gutts in favor of safe lackluster ones. Because in ther end, the final fashion show suffers. I would have wanted Ra Mon in the final 3 because he showed color on the runway.

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    Re: 11/05 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    The most predictable top three ever. Gordana could have turned into Coco Chanel before Heidi's very eyes, and there was no way she was going to Fashion Week. And her dress was gorgeous. She is the only one who nailed the challenge, but there was no way they would give her her due. She doesn't have the right image. I love Christopher, but I am tired of his excusing his limitations on the fact that he is from a small town. Shakopee is a freaking suburb of Minneapolis, and Minneapolis is a great city, with great theater, a great musical scene (classical and popular) and a dynamite museum (The Walker). I went to graduate school there, and believe, it was a very stimulating place, if you made a minimal effort. I find it unacceptable in this day and age for a young person to claim ignorance because they live far away from where the action is. That didn't stop Jay (from season one) from being great, let alone someone like Halston, who didn't have the advantage of the internet or the whole communications explosion. If you are passionate about what you do, you will find a way to do better. But you also have to be smart, and I find Christopher very stubborn and not very willing to listen. Even Irina, as overrated as I think she is, knew better than to keep that fur once Tim made her see how horrible it was.

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    Re: 11/05 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Move the show back to NY, where, I think, there was more edginess.

    This season was boring, that's for sure but I'll tune in again.

    I didn't know what to watch, this or Survivor (I have Dish so both shows are on at 7pm for me), since both really lacked in entertainment this time.

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    Re: 11/05 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    This was not my favorite season of PR. I think the judges really didn't care that much about the final outfit. I think they were going more by what everyone did in past challenges and who deserved to go to Bryant Park. The three who won were always the frontrunners. Gordana was always safe and Christopher was in the bottom several times. I'm glad it's an all girl win though.

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    Re: 11/05 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Probably my least favorite season to date.

    Kors and Garcia couldn't be bothered to show up half of the time. "Designers" who probably shouldn't have been on the show in the first place stayed around while other qualified contestants were sent packing.

    Yes, Irina and Carol Hannah were finalists from the get-go, but the third option was up for grabs. Should have been Gordana, but I so rarely ever get what I hope for in a reality show.

    Use to look forward to the finale, now I just want this season to be over.
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    Re: 11/05 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    I have to agree that this was the worst season of PR ever.

    I really missed M. Kors and N. Garcia on the weeks they were not there and really they were not there MOST of the time.

    I also think the show should be moved back to NY city.

    I think Gordana should have been the winner last night and even Tim told her she nailed it or something along those lines.
    Her gown was a beauty and the best but I just knew they would not pick her for fashion week.
    Some of her stuff was really nice but she also seemed to put her self down alot all season long.
    She was even told the one week to have more confidence in herself.
    But I do think she should have been sent to Fashion Week

    Chris is into crying all the time and needs to grow up alittle more I think but I did like some of his outfits that he made but NO I do not think he was FW material but might be someday.

    Out of the 3 I am going to root for Carol cause I have liked some of her stuff and think she can put together a good collection or at least I hope so.

    Irina I cannot stand, she is rude and so full of herself and not nice at all.
    I do like some of her stuff and also think she can put together a good collection and even think she MIGHT WIN this season.

    I just think Gordana should be going to FW instead of Althea but she does make some nice stuff so we shall see what she turns out.
    She may surprise us.

    I really like this show so hope the next season will be back to normal. I just was not impressed with this season and I want to see ALOT more of M. Kors and N. Garcia and even want to see more of Tim Gunn .
    I don't think we saw enough of him this season.

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    Re: 11/05 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    This was possibly the most boring, predictable episode EVER! And what was up with the designers last nite? Dang the claws were out! I didnt care for all the snarky drama and weirdness....Irina & Gordana friends? And talking about people? What? I expected it from Irina but just dont get Gordana's angle.

    IMO Irina did have the best design on the runway. The dress was stunning, the back was beautiful, and overall was the best. She may be a butt sometimes but she earned her way to Fashion Week.

    Yea Gordana's dress was beautiful and yea maybe it should have won this challenge but from i was gathering from Heidi they were deciding who goes to F.W. on everybody's performance through out the entire competition. And having said that then yea the right people are going.

    I think Irina will win but im hoping for an Althea or C.H. win. Dont know if i'll watch the final episode or not. Im just sort ho-hum with this season

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    Re: 11/05 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Gordana should have made it through to the final 3 over Althea. Some of her clothing were very good and some weren't, too many highs and lows.

    Irina's outfit last night was okay, not great imo.

    Carrol Hannah, loved her dress, the color, the style, form fitting. Hope she wins it all.

    Everyone was bitching last night, Irina, Althea, Gordana. Carroll Hannah and Chris were the only, calm, cool ones.

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    Re: 11/05 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    No big surprise, really. It was clear that Gordana would never make it to fashion week, Heidi had something against the poor gal. Christopher is talented, but he's not ready.

    I could care less about the F3. I loathe Irina, so I can't even root for her to win. I guess I hope that Althea or Carol Hannah win it all.

    Let's just move on to season 7....

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