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Thread: Kenley - Season 5

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    Re: Kenley - Season 5

    Collins was released today on her own recognizance after she was charged with assault, menacing, harassment and criminal possession of a weapon, according to court records.
    What was the weapon? The cat?

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    Re: Kenley - Season 5

    Quote Originally Posted by hutchlover;3387028;
    Did anyone catch her name-to-be? Kenley Penley?
    I don't think she's going to have to worry about that any more.

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    Re: Kenley - Season 5

    Totally Bizarre. I bet the weapon was the cat as she aimed it at his face. A granny smith, if thrown hard enough, would be a nifty weapon...but I don't think splashed water counts.
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    Re: Kenley - Season 5


    WHY am I NOT surprised?
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    Re: Kenley - Season 5

    YOu should check out her POSE when she was escorted back to the apartment by police to pick up her personal items.

    There are the cops carrying her luggage, and she's in the foreground posing & smiling like she's an A lister out on the red carpet. !tch is crazy!

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    Re: Kenley - Season 5

    Project Runway's Kenley Pleads Guilty in Cat Attack
    Originally posted Tuesday April 14, 2009 02:45 PM EDT

    The cat fight's over!

    Former Project Runway season 5 finalist Kenley Collins pleaded guilty in a Brooklyn court Tuesday to a count of disorderly conduct, E! online reports.

    Arrested on March 17 for assault after allegedly throwing her pet cat at her sleeping ex-fiancÚ, Zak Penley, Collins, 26, was given a $120 fine and a two-year protection order prohibiting her from contacting her ex. According to the district attorney, the reality star's sentence was reduced because Penley never sought treatment.

    In a March 26 court appearance, Collins denied using her pet as a weapon, saying instead that she put it on the bed "gently." Initially, she faced a second-degree felony assault charge.

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    Re: Kenley - Season 5

    Well, I am severely tardy to this party, having just finished watching Season 5 on DVD. But I see Kenley has been in the news again recently (!) so perhaps it is not too late to offer my armchair analysis of her.

    In the beginning of the season, among a crowd of curiously uninspiring contestants, Kenley stood out (in a good way) as a breath of fresh air with her own unique style. I admired her delicate feminine sensibility in clothes and also thought she had chosen a personal style (the 1940s Vargas girl) that really suited her. It was an affectation, but hey, it is the fashion world, after all. Unlike many designer affectations we have seen (Suede's faux hawk; Angela's Follies Bergere bubble shorts--remember those?), Kenley's style seemed organic to her sensibility as a designer. I admired her beautiful hair and the way she rocked the red lipstick (I look like a fool in lipstick that red).

    Okay, so there was the overly loud laugh attacks in the workroom, but I didn't see anything inherently bad in keeping it light in the workroom. Designers that get annoyed and distracted that much by someone laughing in the room aren't focusing enough on their designs. Then--she turned on Daniel on the runway and I started to get the sense of something 'off' about her personal interactions with people. The first time it happened, I tried to chalk it up to nerves and the stress of being under those lights. Daniel, her erstwhile bud, was severely nonplussed with her, but how could he not be? That was extremely inappropriate, and it just kept happening. No other designer lost his/her composure like that. Then Kenley's Brooklynese Fran Drescher accent just started to sound ugly and grating to me, instead of regionally charming. The way the other designers all turned on her toward the end of the season was, I think, indicative of the fact that she'd been grating and difficult all along . . .not that she'd made a few missteps out of pressure at the very end.

    Kenley seemed like such a prickly, defiant, lonely, unlikable figure at the end, and she did this to herself. Which is a shame, because based on her work alone, I had her pegged early as the potential winner. I don't know enough about haute couture in recent history to be able to say definitively if she was intentionally ripping off other designers' collections . . . fashion IS cyclical and there are a finite number of ways to design a dress or a skirt. It's not like Ballenciaga exactly had the copyright on floral painted fabric, is it? Given Kenley's subsequent adolescent meltdowns, though, I have to wonder if she wasn't lying, or at the very least, self-delusional, about the derivative nature of her clothes compared to other famous designers. It kept happening, so if she's not intentionally copying, then perhaps she is determindly blocking out of her mind her sources of inspiration. She keeps telling herself she's not cheating, so therefore it makes it true in her own mind?

    Kenley has a gifted eye, and flawless execution, that's for sure. But maybe her difficult personlity (even by the standards of the notoriously bitchy fashion industry) may make it impossible for her to work with others, as designers must, even the famous ones. She is an example of a cute girl who's got so much inner warpage that she becomes ugly over time.

    She did apologize to the other designers, but the damage had already been done.

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