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Thread: 10/18 Finale Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Uli's colors are bland, but I like what she has done. It looks a lot better on the runway than the still pictures. I take that back, there is some color as the show progresses.

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    Uli's collection is a mix of her usually flowy-long dresses and some newer shorter dresses and even some shorts/swim suits

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    I'm surprised. I liked Jeffrey's collection the best from looking at the photos from Fashion Week, but I don't know. Maybe it was the dead-eye rather blah models, but his line didn't show as well 'live' as I expected.

    Uli's on the other hand looked really amazing!

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    I was thinking she'd do a lot more with mixing patterns. She always does so well with that

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    Wow, I really liked Uli's.

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    I'm actually really liking Uli's and Jeffrey's collections. I love the green striped jacket of jeffreys and his dresses. I loved the way Uli collection just flowed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sera00em;2107988;
    is anybody else sick of the "how to do a smokey eye look" spot?

    we get it already!
    Amen! I was just thinking that!

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    I love the music she picked. Really went with the flowey flirty feel of her clothes

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    Both Jeffrey's and Uli's collection showed beautifully. I don't think the Getty site did either of the collections justice. It makes me think I will like Laura's and Michael's much more.

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    I don't know whether he's getting a winner's edit or not (remember, they tried to soften up Santino in the last episode last time, and he finished dead last) but Jeffrey's collection looked just as ugly as it did in the stills, sure it may appeal to a certain group of young'uns, but I wouldn't think THAT many, and is he the next great designer? Methinks not.

    I did like Uli's collection better than I did in the stills, it looked more appealing, but I think she defeated herself (in a sense) by putting all the non print items first, and then putting all her signature style gauzy floaty print type dresses at the end -- she was right with the dress she chose for the end, but she shouldn't have had so many of them in a row.

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