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Thread: Robert Best - Season 3

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    Magic Mayo
    Welcome delirio!

    I thought Robert was quite a character! He has a quick-wit and seems to get the humor in himself and his job. I loved how he said that he could dress Barbie in drag queen clothes and she'd think they were great. I realize that he does design for women, but I can see how the skills of design and construction dressing dolls could easily apply here...except maybe that Barbie has bigger boobs than some of those models!

    I liked this guy better than any of the others, so far. Even Tim said that he was really a good designer. Now, if we can just get him to learn how to do a good Tim impersonation or sing!

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    Anya | Kata | Aimee so into you's Avatar
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    I absolutely love Robert's designs and character. His dress was adorable. <3
    beauty is only skin deep.

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    FORT Regular alphacat's Avatar
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    Between Robert's and Keith's designs, I'd have picked Roberts. It was cute and he had nice use of materials.

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    alanaaa Coconut Oil's Avatar
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    I HOPE he's in the top 3. He's MY top 3, atleast. Robert BEST indeed.

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    FORT Regular
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    I am rooting for him... as for the "bad guy" quote, I don't think he has it in him, but I could be wrong. He seems really nice. but he is on the show to increase his "celebrity status", he might ACT like the bad guy when the time comes, but i think he would be "acting"


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    Guys... psycobabe007's Avatar
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    Another early favorite of mine!! Adorable person and I loved his first design. It should have won as far as I am concerned.

    Go Robert!!

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    Parsons Alum
    I was one on Robert's classmates at Parsons, but I barely knew him because I graduated the following year. You could see in 1991 how extraordinarily talented he was. Prior to graduation, industry professionals and well known designers (such as Marc Jacobs, Donna Karan, Issac Mizrahi, Cynthia Rowley, Michael Kors, Badgley Mishka, etc.), voted, based upon portfolio and original garment reviews, who was to be the "designer of the year" and Robert won. It had nothing to do with personalities, for the majority of the voters did not know who any of us were. The honor went to the graduate with most promise and ability.

    It has been suggested that there could be favoritism because he's a Parson's alumni. If that was true, then Emmett, from season 2, would have gone further because he, too, is a Parsons alumni.

    What so interesting about this show, is that it so reminiscent of my college experience; very talented, focused, catty fashion bitches being extremely competitive, and sometimes nasty, with one another. All nighters were the norm (you couldn't exactly hand in your homework with one sleeve missing). Just as the show, only people who could cut it, survived (there is no skill to eating a bug, like on some shows). I entered the Parsons fashion program with close to 400 students and 4 years later my graduating class consisted of 96.

    Whether Robert makes it to the final 3, or even wins, is anyone's guess, but the cream always rises to the top.

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    Magic Mayo

    Not Your Dowdy Dolly Anymore!

    Here's a link to a Barbie doll site that features Robert Best as the designer. Nice little write-up and links to the lines he created for the Mattel icon.


    Okay, so when did Barbie start looking like this?!!
    OMG...I could not believe how sophisticated, varied and detailed these garments are! There are lots of little thumbnail pics, but when you click to the enlargement...the details are really exquisitely done on such a tiny garment. If this is what Robert has been designing all these years, then I'm thinking he's a force to be reckoned with on PR3.
    Any and all of the design, color, style, and construction of these mini-garments can easily be translated into full-size garments for every woman.

    THIS is not the cheap, little, barely-sewn frocked Barbie of my childhood memories!

    Way to go, Robert!

    (I did see the Barbie Challenge last season, but ..eh, it's Barbie...ho hum. I now choke on my own yawn...)

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    FORT Fan
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    LOL at designing for Barbie. I guess someone has to do it.

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    I'm so over me
    Did Robert get his pillow case back? If not he can share mine. (I know, I know...he's probably gay too )

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