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Thread: If you were the customer, who would you ask to design an outfit for you?

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    If you were the customer, who would you ask to design an outfit for you?

    If I needed a glamorous evening gown, I would ask Austin or Andrae.
    If I needed something to wear to a work-related conference or a presentation, I would choose Daniel Franco.
    If I were going to march in a parade and needed a costume, I would ask Santino.
    If I wanted a special one-time outfit, I would choose Jay.
    If I wanted a wedding dress, I might choose Emmet. I like his clean style and I like simplicity.
    If I wanted a gown that I could hang on the refrigerator door, I would choose Diana.

    Who would you choose?

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    As much as I love Nick, I'd have Daniel design something for me. I don't know if he can do menswear, but I like his eye for simple sophistication.

    From first season, it would be hands down, Jay McCarroll.
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    I would definitely want to see what comes down the runway in the fashion week showings before I picked any designer to do anything for me. Because of the time/money constraints, I don't think what we see on the show every week gives more than a vague hint of what the designers are capable. It's the final runway show that gives us a really good idea of where their heads are and what they can do.


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    I think Nick would work for me for a lot of things. Daniel V is GREAT, but there's something about Nick's work I just really like, and I think (from what I've seen) that we'd communicate well about what I wanted.

    If I had an EVENT to go to, it would be Austin Scarlett from last season. His gowns were beautiful. Andrae would be a second choice for me for a gown, but that's only because I saw more of Austin's work that fit into the "event" category.

    For everyday, just goofing off wear, I have to go with Jay. He's got the right funk about him what would suit me. There was something he did last season I really loved...I think it was like a short skirt, boots, warm vest kind of thing.
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    Austin, Jay, Nick, and Chloe.

    Austin designs gorgeous gowns and I'd love to go to some sort of fancy social event in an Austin Scarlett original.

    I like the edginess of some of Jay's designs and I'd love to wear it out for a night on the town.

    Nick's designs rarely fail to disappoint me and I'd love to wear anything of his.

    I'm a fan of Chloe's designs and her clean lines. I also saw her website and a lot of her clothes, I would love to own.

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    Chloe... I like her designs, the cleanness and simplicity. I would want some input, but yeah, I'd choose her.

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    Kara (Janx) or Jay. I'm more of a casual dresser, and I think their designs are most wearable

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    If I am going to pay the money for it, easily Daneil or Chloe(if it one of her more rare pieces).

    If it was just to have a beautiful piece of clothing, probably Nick.

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    I'd still choose Emmett but I think now I'd also add Nick. I think Daniel might have trouble designing for an older woman, but I could be wrong. (Believe it or not, we don't all want to look 'sexy' as he seems compelled to do - basing this also on his audition tape - some of us just want to look smart or classic.) Then again he's quite talented, so Daniel may make the best smart, classic suit going, who knows

    I will say, I'd have trouble carrying off Nick's shiny fabrics. But I'm sure he and Emmett would both be concerned with something the client felt comfortable and looked good in, as opposed to what they wanted to sketch out. It's about the client in that situation (well, unless the client's being overbearing and wants to tell them just what to do). So I feel comfortable saying Nick would choose other fabrics as well... we don't all have starlet figures. Shiny fabrics on anyone who isn't model-taut are risky.

    I'd never EVER want Santino to make anything for me. But he will do well designing for Nicky Hilton types - "rich girls" as he put it. Kara can sew very well but her designs are sometimes blah, so that would be a hard call.

    If I were in my 20s or early 30s still, then I'd choose Chloe for a Chloe sundress, but not in Chloe blue! I used to wear spaghetti strap sundresses in the summer... but not any more I liked Daniel Franco's stuff too. Since when did this show specify the winning designs must all be for 20somethings.

    Yet any designer making it look 'too old' was penalised. I beg your pardon I'd love to see a challenge next season involving a 'real' person (although they all fell short in this episode but I chalk that up to sleep deprivation!).
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    Chloe-Dress for a function or sophistocated modern day wear. I base this on the way she presents herself.

    Santino- A top to wear over jeans with the flavor of his first win. I also believe when left on his own with a serious client he could produce funky, fabulous clothes.

    Jay- I love his style. His runway show was exaggerated because that what the format demands. His ready to wear line would suit me beautifully, I am sure.

    Emmet- I would love to have mens style suit in my wardrobe.

    There is no one else who I was able to read. All of their creations were very different from the next so I got not sense of what their style is.

    rt1ky, hysterical! (Diana)
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