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Thread: If you were the customer, who would you ask to design an outfit for you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by texasgal26 View Post
    I would love to have Jay design a long, beautiful patchwork-y coat like the purple one in his fashion show for me.
    I was comming in here to say "I would wear anything from his fashion week line!" I loved the snuggly eccenticity

    Going juts from the final 4 this season... The only one who I would wear something from is Jeffrey. Laura is too "old" for my taste. Plus, my big girls would never stay put in her 3 yards of open chest-everything! Micheal makes great stuff, just not my personal style. Uli's dresses are cute, but maybe it's just a regional thing because of the places I am from? But I have seen them seen them seen them ad nauseum.

    Jeff makes the kinda things I make, when I have a bunch of fun pattern scraps, a free afternoon and somewhere to go that I wanna wear something origional, and just once. Only he makes em better than I do. Having a husband in a band, yeah Jeff's stuff would be a big hit.
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    Season 1: Kara Saun or the chick with the short mohawk like hair that got kicked off during the wedding dress challenge

    Season 2: Chloe, Franko, or dirty Dianna

    Season 3: Kane, Robert Best, or Malan

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    Laura - all of my evening gowns and possibly some chic business outfits for work.

    Uli - my summer wardrobe

    Michael - outfits to wear to clubs, if I went to clubs

    Jeffrey - no thanks

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    Laura, Michael, Kane, Robert and Uli.
    If I was going to a halloween party, with a retro 1980's nu wave/punk theme, I'd give Jeffrey a call.
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    I want Robert to make me an outfit. He designed for Ken also

    I have special needs so I am sure he will listen to me and make me clothes I like and would wear.. besides, I adore him


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    I would say Jay, Daniel V. or Kayne as they are my three favorite designers.
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    I actually was shopping for a Kara Saun, but no luck.
    Then guys, I actually asked my friend to call Santino to make me a dress,
    BUT I was walking and saw this gorgeous Gucci, so yeah, enough said.
    But my friend said Santino was busy, so maybe next date?
    I sometimes can't be bothered with all the fitting and stuff, so i just go into a Gucci, Versace or Michael Kors botique.
    BUT, I really want to see how Uli will dress me!
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    I thought Jeffery's outfits were great! They were provocative and sexy. LAura's too stiff and is my least favorite by a lot.

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    I liked Laura and Kayne from this current season.

    Daniel V from Season 2.

    Jay and Kara Saun from season 1

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