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Thread: Tim Gunn

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    Quote Originally Posted by AKat View Post
    *LOL* I would never have even noticed the word even if it did post here. I think language standards are changing.

    I'm still stumped.
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    Aga, I sent you a message about the "word."

    Akat, I hope language standards are changing too much. I'm put off by using the Lord's name in vain, but it seems so commonplace now. Scatino's obsession with the "F" word makes my skin crawl.

    No matter what Tim says, though, he's still a hottie.

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    Tim You Are A Hottie....a Cutie....wish You Were Single...

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    Interview with Tim

    Is there a media thread? Well, anyway, I figured I'd post this here since it's an interview with Tim!

    There is a really interesting interview with Tim in the Chicago Tribune. The interview is by Maureen Ryan. It has the "abridged" version (the article) and then has the transcript of the interview. I didn't see it posted anywhere here, but sorry if it's duplicated elsewhere. I stumbled upon it last night and can't remember how I got there!

    It's partly about prior seasons, but does have a few comments about the upcoming season--hints about a challenge or two and comments on some of the designers. So, if you want to be completely unspoiled, read with caution.

    A few highlights:
    1. Daniel V. was essentially going to win last season, but Nina turned them all around to Chloe. Tim really did not like Chloe's collection.

    2. Had Santino's personality came out in the audition or in the audition video, he might not have gotten on the show.

    3. Apparently Daniel V. is becoming quite the party boy and diva. He's had several offers of jobs from designers ("really good blue-chip offers"; it's implied that Michael Kors offered him a job, but doesn't say this directly). Daniel has turned them down because he thinks they are "not good enough for him". Tim mentioned assistant designer level jobs and said that is what Daniel should expect given his level of experience.

    A while back, I read (I think on blogging project runway) a letter from Daniel saying something like Michael didn't have a good fit for Daniel in his company at that time. Daniel commented that he wished MK hadn't made the offer if it wasn't going to work out, which I thought was a really stupid thing to say in public (don't burn bridges!) and I just had the feeling that something must have happened--the interview didn't go well, etc. Now I wonder whether he was offered assistant designer and thought he should have something more senior.

    4. The show is not going to have 2 seasons per year--they are switching it from a winter show to a summer show. Season 4 will not be in December. Bravo is confident that this is the right move; Tim is concerned!

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    Thanks for posting that, alphacat! It was interesting to hear Tim's gossip on the background details. Shame on Danny V. It doesn't surprise me, though. I remember the beginning of Season 2, I didn't even notice Daniel.. then somewhere in the middle after a few designers got the auf, I realized Daniel was a strong contender, just kind of boring. During the height of the Santino hatred and after Nick was aufed, I was totally supporting Daniel.. and then I saw his collection AND his attitude, and then became a Santino supporter. Daniel needs to get the hell over himself. He'll be lucky if we know who he is in 5 years.
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    Magic Mayo
    Thanks, alphacat!

    Wow! What a great Tim Gunn interview! It was really interesting to hear some of these behind-the-scenes observations about how Chloe won season 2; product placement/sponsors; and how they pick the contestants. I was sorry to hear that Daniel has become a diva. I liked him, but fear he will fade out in the fashion industry if he doesn't start taking the actual work of designing seriously, and truly considers his best job options. What a pity!

    Anyway, great work y'all for linking to such good media stuff in this forum. Keep it coming!

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    No surprise there regarding Danny V. In the last few episodes of the show, you could see him transforming into a smarmy, snarky, self-obsessed little bitch. What-ev. His collection was crap anyway.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brakhage View Post
    No surprise there regarding Danny V. In the last few episodes of the show, you could see him transforming into a smarmy, snarky, self-obsessed little bitch. What-ev. His collection was crap anyway.
    I'm surprised, honestly. I didn't really like him, and I definitely didn't think he was the saint he was being made out to be by so many of the fans, but I didn't think he was *that* bad. (Kara Saun, on the other hand...) What an idiot, especially when people seem to be bending over backward to help him.

    More on topic, the more I read about Tim Gunn the more I like him. What a classy guy!

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    I just saw Tim Gunn at a magazine shop across the street from me!!!!! He is really adorable in person.

    I saw Daniel V. and Nick from last season at Pastis last week to, so apparently these things DO come in threes!

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    I didn't see this posted here. A little more on the Tim Gunn / Daniel V. commentary!


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