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Thread: 12/14 Show Discussion "All Dolled Up"

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    I have very little to add to this discussion right now, I just wanted to tell everyone I am really enjoying reading the commentary in here, and so far I am loving season 2! The challenges have been brilliant, loved "Clothes Off Your Back" and now, the Barbies, what fun.

    I did want to mention that so far, in every episode my favorite design has been named the winner of that round. I'm quite pleased, not so much with myself or my psychic abilities, as I am of the fact that hopefully this bodes well that this season will be about design and not drama. I just feel like the judges and I are on the same page so far, which I like.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Excellent points, Snowflake Girl!

    ClosetNerd you could probably have the original of Raymundo's outfit - last I looked (ok, yesterday ) no one had bid on it. I think they were looking for an edgier vibe like Bratz dolls have (My Scene Barbie is really just Bratz Clone Barbie in a way... although I love Barbie in general) and (Raymundo's) dress itself was more retro. I guess I saw cotton Barbie dresses like that as a girl but that was a, er, looong time ago.

    Design and not drama! Thank heavens, eh Snowflake Girl?? So much more entertaining!

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    Santino, Nick, and Daniel are roomies, right? When Santino and Nick were trashing Marla, Daniel was looking at them like he didn't want to be there. Now that Santino's ego is so bruises, and Nick's ego is growing, there is bound to be some drama!!! It's safe to say Santino hates Nick now. I don't know if Nick dislikes Santino, but he sure doesn't mind beating him! Daniel is caught in the middle. A recipe for eruption...

    By the way, I felt really bad for Marla. She made it there, why does she even try to do thing she doesn't know? Her skills got where she is now, no need to suddenly do what other people are doing. I hope she will realize, or someone will tell her, that she just needs to do HER thing. Poor Marla, she's feeling so insecure right now.

    Guadalupe was really annoying when she was going around giving advince to people, but I really liked her barbie dress. Not for barbie, but for me! The green dress and the pink hem match so well. I don't care for her personality at this point, but I'd love to see more of her cloths!

    Andrae... he needs to check himself into you know where. Seriously, he's creeping me out. Colorful characters are welcome on tv shows, but I just don't like seeing him. I feel so embarassed for him, I guess, it pains me.

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    I have a seven year old and she plays with both Barbie (regular and My Scenes )and Bratz dolls. The My Scene Barbie is a more hip, younger (sometimes funkier) style. The point of that particular doll is to appeal to all types of girls. And as the mother of a 7 year old (who honestly thinks she is the fashion guru of her time) most young girls do not want to dress like their mom. They want cute, fun and flashy clothes. You can do this without taking away from their innocence. I manage (even on a tight budget LOL!).

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    Andrae... he needs to check himself into you know where. Seriously, he's creeping me out. Colorful characters are welcome on tv shows, but I just don't like seeing him. I feel so embarassed for him, I guess, it pains me.
    And he needs to stop tormenting pigeons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Misaru View Post
    With so many threads on this show, I can't keep up with it all!!! Let's use this thread as ANYTHING Project Runway 2, shall we?
    I'm sorry for the confusion. We have a protocol we follow here for threads. There is a show thread created for each episode where general discussion of the show goes on for the week following the show. For discussion of contestants, please use their individual thread.

    We follow this for every show that has a forum on this board. I went ahead and merged the "Project Runway 2" thread into the latest show thread.
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    Given that a good number of sixteen year olds are giving their boyfriends @#$% jobs, I think its fairly safe to say not many of them are still playing with Barbie dolls of any variety, and Mattel is marketing to younger girls, pre-teens, tweens, whatever they're called. As for Raymundo's theory, regardless of the age of girls who may want (or do) dress up like their moms, they don't dress up in the shift mom wears to do the dishes or scrub the grout in the bathroom, if they're putting on mommy's clothes, they're donning her high heels, evening gown, etc., trying to look older and more sophisticated. They're not trying to look like THAT, and I'm frankly perplexed that a guy like Raymundo who had a very out there personal style, could possibly have come up with such a frumpy, 70s retro monstrosity and think it was actually on target!

    I'm not a fan of Barbie, had little exposure during my formative years, but I took one look at Nick's dress and said "yup, there's the winner!" It just screamed, I'm a barbie dress! Santino's dress did as well, but it screamed more like "I'm a seventies Barbie dress!" I have to say, so far, I'm a big fan of Nick's -- I've loved two of his designs, I really like his sense of humor, and he gets points from me for coming over and helping the sewing challenged Marla. Sure, she's clearly lacking in the fundamental skills, she presents no challenge whatsoever to the real, serious designers, she probably won't be long for the show, so why do all those designers feel such a need to mock and make fun of her? I could see if it was Wendy, she not only lacked fundamental skills, taste, etc., but she was meanspirited and evil, Marla hasn't shown any of that.

    As for the rest of the designers, Kara's dress seemed to me like something a teenager would wear (who said it had to be something other than to school, anyway?), although not particularly imaginative. Daniel's seemed to me like a partial re-do of his dress from the 6 yards of cotton muslin challenge, and not right for Barbie. Emmett's was very retro sixties, and pretty, but ho hum. Diana's very interesting, but can't see her outfit as being appropriate for the challenge. Zulema --OMG, are you kidding me? Daniel V., haven't seen him do anything that struck me in the least as a good effort for the challenge, or even interesting. Andrae, well, he may survive for a few more challenges because he adds to the interest and emotional instability of the group, but his outfit was so WRONG WRONG WRONG, not to mention plain bizarre, that it probably belonged on a Blonde Space Girls from Mars porn flick, rather than anywhere near Barbie. Chloe -- her designs are interesting to me, and she probably picked a good color, but it probably was a little too simplistic and subtle a design for Barbie.

    And what's with all the designers who didn't get that plain white (on anything other than a Barbie wedding dress), olive green, maroon, red, orange, etc. are the wrong colors to use? Pre-teens aren't exactly noted for their love of autumnal colors, mauves, tones, etc. The correct pallett to attract girls of that age group are pastels, especially pinks and purples, or bright jewel tones like Nick chose. The more eye catching color, like Nick used so well, the better.

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    I agree with all that but... while Nick helped Marla he also mocked her heavily behind her back. Dunno if that signifies to the point you were making but just saying. I mean he's funny when he does it but I still felt sorry for her (cos she had to work with them, unlike our snark, which she never has to really deal with - we're not her workplace).

    Oh you reminded me about Zulema's gown. Remember in Steel Magnolias when they cut into the "bleedin armadillo groom's cake"? That horrific pasty grey? That is what I thought of as soon as I saw Zulema's morphine drip Barbie. For the Barbie who doesn't really need flesh tones.

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    Oh, dear...I'm not a designer (sigh) nor have I ever owned a Barbie doll. I will admit to dressing paper dolls, though. So first off, I was interested that the My Scene Barbies displayed at the store were young-stylish and not the ballgown Barbie shown in ads. When Tim first said they would design for Barbie - I thought they would be giving her a complete style makeover - silly me.

    Some have compared Marla to Wendy (probably because they represent the next stage in life crowd) but I see Kara having Wendy style tantrums and being just as snotty. The anxiety Kara showed when she lost her muse - I mean Barbie's itty-bitty hat! I was amused that Tim was not; but then, he amuses me all the time anyway - even when counseling Andrae in the presence of cameras. Please cry again Andrae - ooops - keep your theatrics to yourself - why aren't you crying that I'm scolding you in a gentle professional way? Cameraman - did you get that? I think his eyes glistened.

    Yes - Nick's design works great on the doll and will look fabulous in the box, but I've become a Cloe fan and while her design was simple, it was the eyelet material that made it interesting.

    For next week, the previews show Santino being a leader of a gang of four - which appears to include Emmet. I can't wait to see how the ruched-up Santino blends style with boxer shorts Emmet in a lingerie competition!

    Gonna be great.

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    Project Outcast - The Home Show

    The My Scene Barbie is a more hip, younger (sometimes funkier) style. The point of that particular doll is to appeal to all types of girls. And as the mother of a 7 year old (who honestly thinks she is the fashion guru of her time) most young girls do not want to dress like their mom. They want cute, fun and flashy clothes.
    I agree. Barbie has always been about flash. Most of the designers missed it. Their outfits were just too "couture." Especially, Daniel's. And Andrae, what was he thinking??

    By the way, there is a PR2 semifinalist, Karen Garrett, who obviously did not make the show. Instead, she is doing every challenge at home in real time! She calls it PROJECT OUTCAST. She has her own thread in many other fourms. Pretty cool idea. Mosts bloggers/posters have her "in" through the Barbie challenge.

    Here is the link:http://www.karengarrettartist.com/Karen%20Garret's.Project%20Out cast.htm

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