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Thread: The Models: Season 2

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    Thanks, just threw me off a little. And yes I was overstating, sorry. It just makes me laugh to read how you react to Zulema and her ability to be the supreme ASHwhole (at least on tv).

    Quote Originally Posted by Brandy View Post
    Violence?? I think you're overstating

    She struck me as very unlikeable. "I don't believe in fairness" "Cry and cut" (no empathy) and "I have no concern for Nick". Those aren't random things. I think one has to flinch hearing them.

    From what I recall of last season's final 3, they get to choose various models to work their show (I think one famous one, and the others, I'm not sure - from an agency?). Since Tarah is no longer on the show most likely, as of next time, I see no reason why Nick wouldn't be allowed to choose Tarah (for his collection, should he make it). Do I know for sure? No. But as far as I know there's no rule against it.

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    Did anyone notice that Heather was lackluster this time? Since the turkey dress, she seems less than sold on Santino.

    PRF: Well, isn't that the whole point of the show having villains? She gets to play the wicked witch. We get to say "Boooo". We know it's half made-up. Still, it's not gonna win her many fans to be that way. As I said elsewhere though, it's just a Tv show. But I'm hardly the only one who didn't like her contempt for her colleagues. (But if you wanna laugh at my posted reactions, that's fine. Anyone picturing me actually seething over this Tv show, though is mistaken.)
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    I do agree with you. I think if Santino wins another challenge (BIG if) he's gonna switch models. Unless, Santino makes a dress that Heather will love and support.

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    The models really should try to sell every outfit though. If their designer loses, they likely do too!

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    That is true, because that is a model's job. But I don't think a model will do that well with a design that she does not believe in... at all. Case in point Santino's turkey disastor.

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    Naomi, Tyra, Heidi, Cindy, and Elle combined could not have sold that disaster.

    To his credit, at least Santino admitted that it was awful!

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    I didn't see anything wrong with Zulema switching models. If it was such a problem, it wouldn't have been an option in the first place. Besides, it was a nice change.

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    Ok, lol im pretty sure im right about this, but a second opinion would help lol

    I looked on the bravo site and noticed that Heather's and Tarah's lingerie photo is switched...? At least i think they are, I could be wrong...anyone know for sure if they are or arent?

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    I can't say I blame Heather for being horrified with Santino's last two creations...she knows darn well if he gets on the chopping block, she gets chopped too, and through no fault of her own. And much as I personally dislike Santino, much less his designs, I give him credit that he actually admitted one of them was crap (after the fact) and probably thought the same of the latest, and admitted that Tim was right, and he was very vulnerable to being eliminated. I'd like to think he would be intelligent enough to realize Rachel was right, and not eliminate her given the chance, but frankly, I don't see him being terribly likely to win any future challenges (particularly with an "immunity" being handed out, unless the producers are trying to stack the deck for the final three and have him there for personality reasons -- his work alone would never merit it.)

    As for the much maligned Rachel, I think Tim was unduly harsh. You'll have a hard time convincing me that after the first season of PR, all the modelling agencies weren't hustling like heck to get their most promising girls on the show. Having your models seen by Michael Kors and other prominent designers is great exposure, having them seen by the public is even better, having a possibility for them to model in the final fashion show and possibly win an Elle spread, that's even better. Some of the better behaved and more talented models on Season 1 got incredibly good, helpful exposure. And are you telling me that PR didn't have their choice of a lot of good models? If she was so subpar, why hire her in the first place?

    As for Tarah's fate, she's probably out of the show for now, but last season, they sprinkled almost all the other models into the Fashion Week show (excepting the infamous Morganza, who clearly wouldn't have wanted anything further to do with the show) so I'm sure she'll be back, even if (heaven forbid) Nick isn't. And I'm sure she'll be the first girl Nick will go for, given a chance, in the Final 3 fashion week show.

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    Yes - models who were good but not getting tons of work would be lining up for the show but - models who were already getting spreads in Elle on their own wouldn't need it. I do think that next season they will get a much higher calibre of model.

    I'm not saying the models were bad this season - but there were one or two clunkers. Rachael just needs a makeover, in my opinion - and maybe some dance classes to improve her runway walking. Some muscle tone, a new hair color (she is way too 'washed out') and better walking, & she'd be fine. She does have a certain look - as Zulema surprisingly said on the Today show, kind of a "Debbie Harry" look (but she needs to grow her hair longer at least!). She has potential, if she'd develop it more.

    Cara on the other hand... personality of a limp noodle. And although Rebecca was a fine model, I still think only Tarah had true supermodel capability. Rebecca could do editorials and some high fashion photography, though. Truthfully, I see Rebecca more for catalogs though. I did like a few of them a lot personality-wise. Her, and Allison and Claudia for example. Maybe some of them could try acting lessons.

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