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Thread: 2/23 Finale Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Well, I am glad that Kara Saun was finally exposed as the calculating manipulator that she is. She was every bit as conniving as Wendy, but hid behind a sham of befriending others, all the while stabbing them in the back. "Screw you with a smile". Isn't it typical of all big time manipulators?? I was glad Wendy fought back, but honesly. How does someone get to be 40 and have no more defenses against the evil Kara Sauns of the world's tricks than that? In her effort not to be "played" by Kara Saun she made herself look bad. I didn't blame her for her comments about Austin and Kevin, the moderators set her up for that. But even so, she should have had more grace about it. She has no tact.

    I too thought Jay should have won based on originality alone. Plus he was not playing games, but seemed to be getting duped by KS. I guess playing it straight pays off sometimes. I'm glad it did for the final. But if I were to have someone design something for me for a special occasion, it would be Wendy Pepper. I don't think it is an accident that her items have been selling. She does very marketable stuff.

    I'd be happy if KaraSaun was never heard from again. Arrogant head-game player that she is. If she won't play by the clearly defined contest rules, then imagine what she'd do in the business world!


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    The Modernaire

    "Hateration", Indeed!

    Timinator & Blashion - Wendy? Is that you??
    Jay's collection was fantastic. Kara's was the bridesmaid this time. While her clothes were good (the shoes have been mentioned ad nauseam here already) Jay definitely went all out, headphones, bright colors and all.
    Can't wait to see both of their careers skyrocket, and I might find myself going INTO Banana Republic if Jay's designing there.

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    ~~Jay~~ The Winner!

    Holy CRAP was he cute at home!! I laughed so hard when he was standing on the porch w/the gun.. WHO would of thunk Jay to be growing up in that culture!? I thought the wig was his actual hair at first too!
    Tim sitting at his family table, listening to Jay talk about being picked on horribly while growing up was an almost 'tear jerker' for me!
    Tim: "Show me your town."
    Jay: "Ok."
    <<::camera cuts to a small, snowy local-yokel store parking lot::>>
    Jay: "Well, here it is.."..


    I would be just like him in regards to the fighting..LOVING IT! Also, I would be like him in the sense of not being 'able' to ignore or be mean to Wendy all the time...becuz, after all, she is HUMAN (as Jay said).
    My favorite part of the WHOLE show was when Wendy's mom came to visit and hung out with Jay, smoking!~
    Then she tells him that all of her friends in Washington just love him and his work! He was beside himself! I mean, it IS your competitor's mother who's regaling you...how awkward! (but strangely delicious at the same time!)

    I really wish he would have lost the knit hat though.. I know, I know..it's "his style".. but, I don't care.. it made him look like he was on the verge of rocking back 'n forth in a corner. One thing that was somewhat of a plus about it, was..in the crowds of people..anyone/everyone knew where HE was!

    Without being a bias viewer as to who I WANTED to win, etc.. basing my judgments on the designs alone... Jay won it for me. Definitely! I was a tad worried about the headphones, but...all in all, it was down to the outfit designs.

    I'm so proud that he is able to prove to his old boss, his family and all those jerks who picked on him while growing up... He is unique and good at what he does!
    Congratulations Jay, I hope to see your work all over the place!
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    Now if somebody has been harmed by this show's editing is Kara Saun. She used the soulless comment twice, but we got to hear it until we got sick of it and, naturally, her. And whatever Kara Saun did, she was not acting all friendly with people and then bad mouthing them. What is really sad about Wendy is that she has moments when she realizes her limitations. Somebody compared her to Salieri, and it is really true. You saw it in the finale when she is talking about Jay's work. She doesn't like it, but she can't deny how good it is. Too bad she can't be happy just being Wendy Pepper. Go Jay! Go Kara!

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    Last night, there were two distinct criticisms which led to Kara Saun's loss.

    One, some of her stuff wasn't easy to move in, causing one model to actually hitch up her dress so she could walk.

    Two, her stuff looked too much like Gucci. Looking at the white dress Jenny wore, the clasps used on the front are totally Gucci-esque.

    I think she could have survived the long dress if it weren't for the unintentional copying. That's what really lost it for her, IMO.

    (MY biggest complaint with her work is that it displays a total lack of social conscience, but that didn't really seem to affect the judging.)
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    When Wendy was showing Tim her place and said she was really influenced by art, I immediately thought she must be influenced by nudes a lot from her lack of clothing in the first few episodes.

    I thought it was great when Jay called Wendy out and said if the final three reflected who was most qualified, she wouldn't be there. Oooo...good one, Jay! Several of her outfits at the show were noticable ill-fitting on the models so that proves she didn't get to the end on talent, just dumb luck.

    I felt so sorry for Melissa that she got chosen by Wendy. I was hoping she would win the spread in Elle magazine but I knew there was no chance of that when Wendy chose her as her model.

    It's too bad Austin didn't make it to the final three. It would have made an incredible finale having Jay, Kara Saun and Austin there. By the end of the show, I hated Wendy so much I just wanted to spit on the television screen when they showed her. She was so painfully jealous of Kara Saun throughout the whole show, I was thinking "Grow up already, Wendy!". Sheesh!

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    Video of the Collections

    Anybody know where I can see video of the Wendy, Kara, Jay collections?

    I don't have cable, so I've only been able to follow thing show vicariously through what I've read here and by reading stuff at the Project Runway site.

    There's bonus video of Austin's collection, but I'd love to see the others in action. Does anyone know if the video is out there somewhere? There's nothing...not even pictures at the Project Runway listing on the Olympus Fashion Week site.

    Thanks for any info anyone has.
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    Congrats Jay on winning the Project Runway! Me and my partner agreed that Jay's collection is more "unified" than Wendy's and Kara's. I couldn't wait to hear more about Jay and hopefully a show following Jay from the beginning of winning to showing/selling clothes to public! I hope he'll designs menswear (affordable) so i could buy/own at least one!

    Once again, CONGRATS jay!
    Huh? Oh, you talkin' to me? Sorry, I didn't hear you.

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    Jay deserved to win because he was the only original designer of the final 3, in my opinion. Jay cleverly used different materials, colors and ingenuity to present a unified collection. [That reddish patchwork cape was a stunning work of art]. After the show, I knew Jay was going to win when Michael Korrs said he was looking for someone who was original and would make you "wonder what is coming next."

    I loved Jay's hometown stuff--the gun episode had me laughing. And it was cool to see that his mom and older sisters are so apparently conventional. You can tell he's been the attention-seeking baby brother of that household for a long time. And now he's got the attention of a lot of TV viewers.

    Kara Saun's stuff, while sometimes beautiful, mostly looked the same to me. And I'm tired of her plunging neck lines--no woman could get away with that except at the Oscars, where most of us are not going anytime soon.

    Wendy's stuff mostly looked messy and unattractive. I do like some of the stuff she did previously for the show and her portfolio.

    I miss Austen's personality.
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    I really enjoyed last nights episode. It's been a great series and Jay did magnificient. But I agree Kara did a great job as well and I was pleasantly surprised with Wend'y ability to produce some really cool outfits. But in the end I too agree with the judges that Jay's just was more in tune with itself and him as a designer. Props to Jay!

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