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Thread: 2/23 Finale Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Quote Originally Posted by Closet Fan
    I can't even think of anything that transpired during the finale that could pass for affirmation of her genius or a career boost, her collection was panned almost universally by the fashion press, it certainly didn't look fantastic on TV, her fellow competitors dismissed not only her likeability as a person but her abilities themselves, no one in the audience said anything about her work, the judges clearly didn't even CONSIDER her for the win, the nicest thing they could say about her was she was tenacious, and the best thing one could say about how she came across as a designer was that she lacked attention to detail and was ill-prepared. I can't even imagine that it hadn't occured to her to think about shoes and accessories, she had absolutely no idea what the makeup stylist was suggesting to her for the runway show, it was definitely amateur hour.
    Wendy is wrapped up in levels of delusion *so deep* that I doubt that anything anyone could say to her would cause her to feel remorse over her slimy tactics or reevaluate her design abilities. And unfortunately, there are a few good signs out there for the Pepper to gloat over.

    1. Tim Gunn praised her work quite highly in the finale's Tim's Take. Yes, he previously did call her a mere dressmaker and yes, he probably only praised her collection because she was a finalist and he was obligated to. But he still did it, and I'm sure she'll always feel that since she passed muster by his eyes, she did well.

    2. Some of the fashion reviews that covered the Project Runway collections were fairly positive about her work. They called her collection deeply unpolished, but not all of the reviews were negative.

    3. She's now got any number of "Defendys" on the web who praise her as being deeply maligned by the eeeevil cool kids of Project Runway and blah blah blah. And I'm sure not *all* of them are sockpuppets. They're instant validation for her. (After all, the 200 supportive emails (out of the 3 million ppl who visited her site...) cheered her up soooo much!

    So, yeah, though she's now maligned by the vast majority of Project Runway viewers and her collection was amateur's night next to Kara's and Jay's, she's not about to quit inflicting her hideous designs on the world just yet-- though, really, if there's any justice in this world, SHE WOULD.

    Though at the least, I'm cheered up by the thought that she'll probably be unable to find any chic stores and botiques (like Saks [Austin] and Baguetta Life [Jay]) who want to sponsor her work and help make her famous. She'll probably end up running that little shop she was talking about out of her filthy rich southern town for lack of anything else to do.

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    I was so glad Jay won. After having already seen the runway show, I was at first very swept away by Kara Saun. I love her clothes, and the presentation. Then as I got to see them more, it did seem much more like costumes, interpretation of classic design, rather than original clothes. Viewing the show tonight, I was struck by the fact that the model even pointed out that the white gown was "very Gucci". Then the whole thing with the shoes, and how she handled it, really lost it for her in my eyes. She's a great designer, and she will benefit from this experience, but under no circumstance do I feel that she was robbed of a victory.

    Jay on the other hand, drew from what he knew and where he came from. He really put out a collection. He deserved this.

    I was struck by the persona of Wendy away from the show or other competitors. While it wouldn't have made as good of "TV" if she had been more of herself, I really wish that would have been who we saw on the show. I liked that she admitted (though not to him) that she was some what stunned by how really good Jay's collection was.
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    My take. Kara is the best designer in the group. She probably deserved to win. Unfortunately reality TV is about the unpredictable and Kara winning would have been very predicatable. Wendy had no shot at winning. The only reason she was there was because a celebrity judge picked her dress as the winning one. Sorry, I have not been very impressed with Jay. Maybe its just my taste. He's unique I'll give him that. But his clothes just seem overly done. Often it seems like he starts an outfit in one direction and by the time he's done he's went and did something completely different. The end product just looks too complicated.

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    I'm so happy for Jay. I loved his collection. Kara's was very good but I think Jay's was much more original and fun.

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    Before this epi I thought for sure that a) I'd never agree with Wendy about anything and b) that Kara Saun definitely would win.

    After watching I have to say that while I think Wendy is a conniver and definitely is not on par with Jay and Kara Saun as a designer, I agreed with her about the shoe debacle.

    Kara Saun all of a sudden seemed way more cocky to me. Not only did she have a friend there helping her, she just ignored the rules and then got upset when the rules were enforced. More than one of her gowns needed to be taken up - those models holding the dresses up ruined the line of the garment. I was over the comments after the show - "Kara Saun really designs clothes for the modern woman and what she wants to wear." You know, I can't say I've ever wanted to wear a fur-trimmed fuchsia leather aviator jacket but whatever...

    I did like KS's collection, but JAY really rose above the crowd. I never was wild about his previous designs or ever thought I'd look at something he designed and think "Hey, I want that!" but I did that several times during the show.

    I hated Wendy's music. Her collection was okay, but nothing special. Just "meh" The crowd didn't seem too impressed either. That's the first time I've heard golf claps at a fashion show

    Melissa didn't have a chance to win wearing Wendy's collection. I think she'll do fine though - her professionalism on the series will definitely get her work.

    about Michael Kors "getting boobies" as the model turned around in Wendy's dress!

    There just was not nearly enough Austin Scarlett in this epi for me - I missed him.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mariagoner
    Though at the least, I'm cheered up by the thought that she'll probably be unable to find any chic stores and botiques (like Saks [Austin] and Baguetta Life [Jay]) who want to sponsor her work and help make her famous. She'll probably end up running that little shop she was talking about out of her filthy rich southern town for lack of anything else to do.
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    I personally liked Wendys line best. But, then again, I don't understand alot of the big fashion stuff. I thought her dresses were pretty and feminine. (Except for the booby dress). Jay should definately have won, though.

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    OK, here's a question for the group--last night Heidi first said that each designer was going to do 12 outfits. Then they each picked 12 models. Then Michael Kors said something about their 12 looks and needing shoes/accessories. BUT then on the runway show, each showed 10. Anyone know where the missing 6 went? Is that how many models Austin had?

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    Okay, that quilted trench coat is a must have for this girl. The dress will have to wait until I love 50 lbs, though.

    Watched it last night with the husband who has never been a fan of Jay's and always leaned more towards Wendy in what little he's seen of the show. By the end of the show he was 100% rooting for Jay based upon the clothes alone. So, that shows that Jay's work can be couture but appeal to the "normal" middle American as well.

    Go Jay!

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    I am so glad I broke my vow and watched the finale, although I could have done without some of the drama. I hate the manipulation by the producers in putting everybody in the same room, and Kara Saun and Wendy in adjoining beds. They certainly got what they wanted, but I hate for human beings to be treated like lab rats. After seeing Tim's visit to Jay's hometown I realized that the real long shot in this show has been Jay all along. I mean that talent comes from the most unlikely of circumstances (as it usually does). And after that segment that whole "I am just a mom from a small town" by Wendy became even more nauseating. I also realized that Wendy's behavior has a lot to do with entitlement. Even if she might not be rich now, there was money in that family (my God, the great-grandmother's house. I was expecting Abraham, Moses and all the other people who work in the plantation to come running out of it). You might lose the money, but the sense of self that comes out of being rich is not lost that easily. So she feels she deserves everything she wants, and whatever she does in trying to get it is fine. That is also why she was so quick in criticizing Kara Saun's humongous faux pas. What Kara Saun did was not right, but it does not in any way compare to the crap Wendy did to people, and the way she was so contemptuous about everybody. Talk about morally bankrupt. And the whole Mommy Dearest thing with the daughter. I am sure she loves that child (who wouldn't?) but she can't help herself. God forbid that girl grows up to be more talented than her or decide to be her own person, pierce somethings and join a punk country band. Anyway, enough ranting. I am so glad Jay won. He really was the most deserving of the three, talent and story-wise. If there is a second season, I am afraid they might not find a talent like his. Time will tell, but Jay is probably even more especial than we imagined. On to ANTM!

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