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Thread: 12/1 Discussion thread....spoilers

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    I was impressed by the show's feel too, Bearcata. (Good point!) When Daniel was eliminated, I had the thought that he would have been kept on ANTM because he provided good drama. Kudos to the show for actually evaluating the designs instead of who makes "good tv."

    Austin's dress was astonishing. I expected him to weave something like he tried at first. The final product (despite the wilting) had a great look that really echoed the way a corn husk is put together. I can totally see Bjork wearing it on the red carpet - if he can fix the freshness problem.

    Starr's dress was disappointing. My 4-year-old daughter would have come up with something similar. I like her portfolio, so I hope this was just nerves. She looked so unhappy and nervous up there.

    Even my husband, as far from fashion as is humanly possible, was totally drawn in by this show.
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    Hepcat, my brother was drawn in by it, as well. In fact, he's probably going to start watching it with me. He was impressed, haha

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    Bearcata, I also loved the model's walk at the party! It was so neat when Heidi walked with her legion of models behind her

    It was like, "I'm going for you Tyra, and I'm gonna KICK YOUR ARSE!"

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    My Favorites:

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    WoW Kara and Starr are doing Dior!

    Alexandra should have been eliminated, nothing interesting about her dress, plain and boring!

    Another favorite!

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    I have to rate them this way -

    1. Austin - even wilted I liked this.
    2. Vanessa - This is amazing, this doesn't look like trash bags.
    3. Nora - I love this dress. Futuristic, bold, and surprisingly wearable.
    4. Mario - not really innovative, but a beautiful gown.
    5. Kevin - more innovative in the design, less in the materials.
    6. Kara - Beautiful, but not really wearable. Seeing as how she got ALL the ribbon in the store, you might think she could have made a top.
    7. Alexandra - Interesting fabric, but the dress is kind of pedestrian, and not flattering on her model.
    8. Jay - Almost as bad as a garbage bag dress. I good shape, but I've made halloween costumes like this.
    9.Wendy - I like this, but the assignment was to make a "dress", not a bathing suit.
    10. Starr - I like the shape, but there seems to be way to much going on, it looks cheap. it doesn't rise above it's components.
    11. Daniel - He showed that he can tailor and structure clothing, but he didn't innovate. It still looked like a dress made from garbage bags and butcher paper.

    I have to give kudos to the production team. I like the documentary, shot on DV look and feel. It doesn't over glamourize or trivualize the biz.
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    Alexandra's looks like you could actually find it hanging in a store.

    Oh, Milay, those do kinda of look like Dior!!!

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    I was looking forward to this show, and it met my expectations (which seldom happens). I really enjoyed it, and I can't wait for the next one!

    I think this first challenge was excellent. Though they all had the same limitations, some designers really showed a greater vision. I'm really rooting for Austin, Nora, and Vanessa now. And the judges agree with me--which means I won't be throwing things at Heidi like I do at Tyra these days. Not yet.
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    I truly enjoyed this show, and it'll make a great bookend for ANTM on Wednesdays (that is, if my deviant Tivo will let me watch both, it knew that I was cheating on ANTM with this and didn't record ANTM - grrr!) I was very surprised to see Daniel go first, but when you remember that the theme was "Innovation", I guess it makes sense, though, honestly, I can't believe that the judges saw more innovation in Mario's shower curtain dress than Daniel's hard work. That guy's going to be even more cocky than he was this week, now that his slacker performance has earned him another week (or however long it means for them in real time).

    I hate to say it, but I loved the drama about Morgan the model and Kara. Poor Kara, getting herself stuck with a girl that can't figure out how to work an alarm clock. Could she switch and ask for the model that was Daniel's?

    Melissa, Robert's model, f-ing ROCKED! She was so great! Saucy little minx.

    Can't wait for more.

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    My husband and I both enjoyed the show. It was great! I agree that Austin's design was by far the most innovative of the group. I like the fact that he stepped out of his normal design perspective and really pushed himself. I think Starr's was slapped together and she was a bit lost but Daniel's completely lacked any innovation whatsoever other than being a nice design. Starr's crying really bothered me. She must have known her design was bad or she wouldn't have been so upset.

    I will definitely watch this show each week!

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