Anthony Williams

All Stars 6 - Veteran

Atlanta, GA
Project Runway Season 7 (5th Place)
Project Runway All Stars Season 1 (9th Place)

Bring us up to speed! What have you been up to since your time on “Project Runway”?
Since my time on “Project Runway,” I’ve found myself back on set now, behind the scenes. I’ve worked as the costume designer on a television series, a feature film and a docuseries. Additionally, I’m working on a DIY work book for plus size women and developing my own content ideas and launching my fashion brand, Anthony Elle.

What garment from your season of “Runway” do fans compliment you on the most to this day?
The black and white surplice remains a stand out. It’s referenced a great deal by clients and seems to have served as an inspiration for new designs.

What do you think you are best remembered for from your season?
I’d have to say my personality and people skills. As I travel the globe, complete strangers, strike up conversation, ask for advice and share stories as though they’ve known me a lifetime.

What are your strengths as a designer at this point in your career?
My greatest strength is my precision. As a designer, creative ideas are essential but flawless execution is an ever evolving skill.

Any weaknesses you’re still working on?
I am a work in progress when it comes to my emotions. As someone who is extremely passionate about my work, it’s often difficult to accept anything but A+ satisfaction.

How has your design aesthetic changed since your time on the show, if at all?
My aesthetic has changed since I made a choice to get from the behind the sewing machine and take my inspiration in from the world around me.

Who is your favorite fellow “Project Runway” designer from any season, including yours, and why?
Austin Scarlett is by far my favorite, not only is he a true friend who I can count on in any circumstances. He is also someone I know, I can always rely on for the brutal honesty designers always need.

What makes you all-star material?
My courage and passion, mixed with my preparedness and talent make me an all-star. You’ll see!

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