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Thread: 11/16 Project Runway 16 Finale Part 2 Show Thread

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    Re: 11/16 Project Runway 16 Finale Part 2 Show Thread

    Perhaps something is not coming across on screen. Because Kentaro has a good heart, and because Aryana will be rich anyway (hopefully), I am OK with it.

    My rating would have been 1. Aryana 2. Marguerita, 3. Brandon, and 4 Kentaro

    I have not been a Marguerite fan. In recent months I have been a lot age sensitive. Those loud clothes look best on young people. She could have stripped the colors or the busy-ness down and made it more wearable.

    Brandon's was more like curtains. He had all the loops. Reminds me of the Carol Burnett's Gone with the wind skit.

    Aryana, girl you were robbed on this moment. Hope to see you soar.
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    Re: 11/16 Project Runway 16 Finale Part 2 Show Thread

    I couldn't agree more, Lizard. I was anxious to come here today to read the shock and disappointment of Kentaro winning. Imagine my surprise to read that most people were happy about the win. Don't get me wrong, he is cute as a button, but I don't think that is a reason for someone to win Project Runway. Ayana seemed like the hands down winner to me, but I do wish her collection was more colorful. I would have loved to see Margarita's designs in much different fabrics. I feel the design itself was lost in the fabric. I absolutely hate Brandon's style of design, but I assume that is because I'm older. Kentaro's designs were horrendous to me. My frustration at Kentaro winning causes me to consider not watching Project Runway anymore, but I imagine I will change my mind in time for the next season.
    My ratings would be:
    1. Ayana
    2. Margarita (although I didn't care for her personality)
    3. Brandon
    4. Kenya (yep, I'm still bitter she didn't make the final 4 instead of Kentaro)
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    Re: 11/16 Project Runway 16 Finale Part 2 Show Thread

    Kentaro's designs were conceptual (art) and that has almost always triumphed on the final runway in the past. I was surprised, but not upset he won. Margarite should get some credit as she helped line up his viewing order.

    I liked all four runways - yes, even Brandon , outdoor awning material and all. He admitted that that is what he used. He did bleach some of it and did make use of a solid darker color, but the variety wasn't there. Margarita was true to her color story, but she is still confused about her goal to make women feel beautiful. I'm so happy her parents made it out of San Juan as the hurricane was bearing down. Ayana used different textures and silhouettes to show a similar color story. I loved her last dress and her trying to find a more modern way to wrap a hajib. Then there was Kentaro who finally understood how to tell a fashion story though not until the last moment. I am happy for his win, but then, I've always been a sucker for the art designs and I've liked what he had done during the season.

    Congratulations, Kentaro!
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    Re: 11/16 Project Runway 16 Finale Part 2 Show Thread

    Kentarto's JC Penney items: https://www.jcpenney.com/g/project-r...-bwo3xZ1z0llxt
    But who designed all of that other crap? A sweatshirt? Really?
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    Re: 11/16 Project Runway 16 Finale Part 2 Show Thread

    The reunion show should be a real corker!
    Good finale, I think. I thought it was touching how broken up Brandon was about his loss, it was touching that Margarita's parents made it to the show, it was concerning for a moment when Kentaro's dad fell off the stage, and Ayana remained poised and lovely. They all had a bright spot.

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    Re: 11/16 Project Runway 16 Finale Part 2 Show Thread

    I have liked Kentaro's designs throughout the season & think he deserved to win. Yes, I said he is cute & adorable. And him being so honest & humble made me root for him even more. Congrats Kentaro!!

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    Re: 11/16 Project Runway 16 Finale Part 2 Show Thread

    I'm shocked Brandon didn't win. I thought the judges were going to continue to kiss his rear end right across the finish line.

    Kentaro- For me, his collection was one of two extremes- overworked pieces and bland pieces you could find at any WalMart. I liked the first look and the first short red dress but that's about it. The second look was too straightjackety, third look was bland, fourth and fifth looks were okay, sixth look was bland, eighth look overworked, ninth look bland, and the final look looked like a huge dryer sheet wrapped around the model. This is right up there with the weakest winning collections.

    Ayana- The modest looks aren't my style but she had some nice pieces. I could see a lot of people wearing the fourth look, especially those interesting pants. The sixth look with the turtleneck was great and the last look was gorgeous. I agreed with the judges with the weakness of the first few looks, mainly because I thought that shiny gray fabric looked cheap and pajama like. She could have used a spike of color like Kentaro did with the red.

    Brandon- I only liked his first look. He needed to use more of that solid pink fabric. I didn't mind the flamingo print but there was way too much of it and it became too one-note. I like when he goes more architectural rather than oversized/simple/ill fitting.

    Margarita- Well, at least we got some color! I actually kind of liked the fish shirt save for the feathers off the sleeve. I like the print she used on the jackets, pants, and bathing suit. I thought her final look was strong. I didn't care for the striped fabric, the ruffles, or the feathers. She needed to dial it back a bit more. Her collection was similar to Mondo's in that it was just too much drama after drama after drama. It became too much of a circus show. If she used that dark blue fabric and had a couple of lowkey looks, the collection would have been stronger and the "wow" pieces would have stood out even more.

    My ranking:

    1. Ayana
    2. Margarita
    3. Kentaro
    4. Brandon
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    Re: 11/16 Project Runway 16 Finale Part 2 Show Thread

    I admit I was surprised Kentaro won, as Ayana's wedding dress was really a showstopper that could've won it all for her, but not that he and Ayana were the final two. Was going to be happy with either winning. They truly were the best of the final four collections.

    Brandon was lucky he got third - I'd even rank Margarita's up higher because she had variety and color. It's bad when you think that the person showed 10 of the same design on a runway. He'll still do well on his own.

    Now - regarding Kentaro and his win.

    I get folks don't see his work as good or fashion or whatnot.

    But reality is - we always complain each season about are they judging for true fashion or art or commercial.

    Kentaro's can be seen as both.

    ON the runway, it was clearly "art" as is common with many runways. Many were wearable on their own out in public, others would need adjustments here and there in order to be worn in real life.

    Where Kentaro succeeds here is that his designs were easy to re-interpret into commercial clothes. Looking at JCP's website, the clothing that is Kentaro based you can CLEARLY see his inspiration in the designs.

    Ayana's would've been easy to translate too, but maybe not as easily or at least easily enough to where you knew it was still her design.

    Fashion is also subjective and varies per culture. This season clearly showed it particularly with the final two designers.

    Ayana I think will do well on her own - there definitely is a market for modest clothing that is increasing be it because of religion or just wanting to go back to "less is more" personality.

    I think it was splitting hairs between these two. It would've been a travesty if Brandon or Margarita however won - their collections were not strong enough.

    Now as far as the reunion... it's quite clear they're having it mostly because of the twins incident. I wish they weren't giving the girls the time of day in particular, but at the same time it might be good because it will explain a lot, and if they keep denying cheating (well Claire) it could backfire even further.

    I do feel for Kentaro in this regard - last time there was a huge controversy the poor winner just was like "why me?" as he sat there and watched the arguments go on.
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    Re: 11/16 Project Runway 16 Finale Part 2 Show Thread

    All in all, I think this season was Brandon's to win ... and only lost because of his final collection fabrications. And, I'm very surprised he was unaware of the mistake he was making as he created his designs.

    Nonetheless, throughout the season I was hoping that Amy would do better than she did, and then Kenya, but with that said, I'm thrilled Kentaro and his curated collection won as it is inspiring and beautiful!
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    Re: 11/16 Project Runway 16 Finale Part 2 Show Thread

    Quote Originally Posted by Newsboi View Post
    Kentarto's JC Penney items: https://www.jcpenney.com/g/project-r...-bwo3xZ1z0llxt
    But who designed all of that other crap? A sweatshirt? Really?
    That clothing looked anything but luxe.

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