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Thread: 8/31 - Project Runway 16 Show Discussion

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    8/31 - Project Runway 16 Show Discussion

    A Leap of Innovation! - The designers are treated to a private screening of the film "Leap!" and a performance by Hiplet. They must draw inspiration for an innovative and edgy design in order to survive another week. Maddie Ziegler is a guest judge.

    Enjoy the show!
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    Re: 8/31 - Project Runway 16 Show Discussion

    I do wish they would give the designers a day and a half or two days like they used too this one day challenge produces a lot of stuff that shouldn't even be recycled.

    Deyonte what happened?

    Brandon came into his own.

    Batani - a butterfly.

    Kudzanai - a hot mess.

    Amy - inventive.

    Kenya - rock the pattern.

    Margarita - the judges loved it more than I did.

    Aaron - will he stay once the pack gets smaller?

    Ayana - getting old, yes I know - modesty

    Twins - aren't as good as they think they are

    Kentaro - don't think really deserved a bottom three

    Michael & Samantha - can't remember; that is neither bad not good, just didn't watch the entire episode yet.
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    Re: 8/31 - Project Runway 16 Show Discussion

    Oh, GOD, the thing with the finger I couldn't even listen. That kind of thing makes me so queasy (<----reason #1 for not going to medical school! )

    Deyonte's dress, in addition to being poorly fitted and sewn was bordering on lewd. Why do so many of the designers have problems making skirts/dresses too short? It's all very "I see London, I see France." That color was horrid too.

    I was sure Brandon would have a tough time since he didn't have much experience with women's wear, but he's done some really good stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing what else he can do. I liked Kenya's piece too and Amy's was very cool. I was surprised it wasn't

    UGH, the twins. When will they be gone?
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    Re: 8/31 - Project Runway 16 Show Discussion

    Based on how much face time they got, they will be around...ya know, viewers like that kind of reality show character...

    Was the judges loving Deynte's tropical print a farce ...because he showed NO taste at all this week. Granted, the finger hurt his sewing, but the color was vile from the get go.

    Brandon is an impeccable tailor and has an amazing vision for what he wants to make.

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    Re: 8/31 - Project Runway 16 Show Discussion

    I really love Brandon as a person and a designer. So creative and beautiful.He was so unassuming had no idea early on! And I really loved the butterfly dress by Batani. So glad Kentaro didn't get cut, wasn't his best but I really think he is quite good!
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    Re: 8/31 - Project Runway 16 Show Discussion

    Has Michael been on any episodes before this? I seriously looked up and saw him talking about sewing since age 10 and could not remember him at all. As much as I wanted to see more from Kudzanai, he deserved to go for that mess. I am not sure what happened with deyonte, but this was a definite miss this week. Brandon is becoming quite a contender for the top. I loved Batani's look. Finally she produced something as good as her personal style. Ugh, the twins. Please get them off my tv. I can't stand watching them. Also, the nicknames--did I hallucinate or did Shawn call her sister Clair-bear? Also, as much as I liked Maddie on dance moms, it would be nice if they put a lower limit on the age of the judges. I would like to see an adult each week.

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    Re: 8/31 - Project Runway 16 Show Discussion

    In my ideal dream world, the next team challenge will feature teams of 2. The twins would be one team, and they score the lowest. At least we know that ONE of them would be gone.
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    Re: 8/31 - Project Runway 16 Show Discussion

    I really only liked Brandon's and Batani's looks. Glad they were most likely the top two - well made, creative and looked nice on the model.

    Brandon's I can see getting the win. That was an interesting to look at outfit and it moved quite nicely. Definitely dance inspired look but not looking too much like dance.

    Loved Batani's colors and how she did the paneling. Also loved the model's comments about having to do the arm movement, but it looks like she won the argument not to really do it. I think it was better for it honestly - kept it from looking too much like a costume.

    Deyonte got very lucky the other fellow's was so busy and compared to something that not even a four year old would likely wear. His outfit made the poor young lady look like Big Bird - nearly literally. The fact her black bra was showing through too didn't help matters.

    The less said about the twins the better. Shawn's looked very sloppy and Claire's to me was forgettable.
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    Re: 8/31 - Project Runway 16 Show Discussion

    The twins make this show unwatchable. I've sewn through my finger Deyonte, it's not terminal. It was a speck of blood not a hemorrage. Clean it up, neosporin & band-aid.
    That white flameco dress made the model look pregnant in her midsection.
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    Re: 8/31 - Project Runway 16 Show Discussion

    YES! I thought that flamenco dress made her midsection just look odd -- like it was protruding, but in a weird triangle shape :/ SOOO not flattering, that's for sure!
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