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Thread: 8/17 - PR16 Season Premiere Show Discussion

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    Re: 8/17 - PR16 Season Premiere Show Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Tilden View Post
    If Shawn had tailored the shorts, I agree that they would have looked better. I still wouldn't have liked the overall outfit nearly as much as I liked some of the others, but it probably would have kept her out of the bottom three. Even for elasticized shorts, those shorts were bad--the gathers on that waistband looked chunky and clunky. Like bad gym shorts. As a result, your eye was drawn there, instead of to the top, which was definitely a better design.

    And I loved both of the other women designers' imitations of the twins--I'm already annoyed by the twins.
    My daughter made better elastic gym shorts in 7th grade home ec! Yeah, those were bad.

    I'm really kind of bummed because I wanted to like the twins. In the casting special, they were fun and seemed to really know their stuff. I think this may be a situation where the really are better together. If they did PR Teams, they might be good contenders there.

    Overall, I agreed with first and last place. Deyonte's dress was beautiful, but more a demonstration of his draping skills than his design skills. We'll see in future weeks if this was a fluke. And ChaCha's circus-chic look....yeah, he deserved to go.
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    Re: 8/17 - PR16 Season Premiere Show Discussion

    I do like how we get to hear what the models think As usual my favourites did not make the top 3 but then I have learnt over the years, from this show that I know nothing about fashion, I can, however at least this episode, pick a dud, totally agree with the bottom 3 would have loved to see the twin go those shorts were just wrong and their shared language is going to drive me nuts but ChaCha was definitely the right choice to go
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