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Thread: Shawn Buitendorp - Season 16

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    Shawn Buitendorp - Season 16

    Shawn Buitendorp
    Season 16 Designer

    Age 27, Grand Ledge, MI

    When did you realize you had designer potential?
    At 21, I was accepted to an internship with the designer Betsey Johnson and after only one month was hired to work as part of her design team. When someone you greatly admire acknowledges your skills, it makes it much easier to recognize them yourself.

    Strengths as a designer?
    Concept development, unique fabric selection and detail work.

    Weaknesses as a designer?
    I freely open up to the fact that [my sister] Claire sews better than I do.

    How did you end up auditioning for "Project Runway"?
    I never thought I would ever audition, but at this time in my career it just felt right. I’m looking for a new challenge, a new platform to showcase my designs and am excited to see what adventures this experience can provide. I have never auditioned before and am beyond thrilled to be on this journey with my twin sister, Claire.

    Challenge you wish they'd bring back?
    Bring back the Dylan’s Candy Bar challenge! Designing and snacking at the same time? Sign me up!

    Challenge you hope they don't?
    Please don’t make me cut up my own clothes…

    What's your take on team challenges?
    I am very accustomed to working in a team environment. However, I like Claire–she gets me. I can’t be sure about the other competitors.

    Do you think you can win "Project Runway"?
    I think the only person who could beat me is my twin sister, Claire. Let the battle begin!

    Tour Shawn’s Closet - myLifetime.com

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    Re: Shawn Buitendorp - Season 16

    I really like her work. I want it all!!!
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    Re: Shawn Buitendorp - Season 16

    I like her designs but i think might have relied on her sister too much. I think Clair is stronger.
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    Re: Shawn Buitendorp - Season 16

    Quote Originally Posted by Kocky_Kamikaze View Post
    I like her designs but i think might have relied on her sister too much. I think Clair is stronger.
    After watching episode 2 I have to agree Claire is the stronger twin.
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