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Thread: PR All-Stars 01/15 Reunion Show Discussion

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    Re: PR All-Stars 01/15 Reunion Show Discussion

    Had nothing to do watch so I watched the reunion show. Not that bad, Melissa Milano did a great job as host and moved it along and was very natural. Seemed a bit scripted though in questions and highlights they showed. Seemed they showed a lot of highlights ... did we really need to see that many?

    Korto seemed to have the best improved attitude but I think that was the pregnancy hormones .. she still has this weird vibe though.

    Over all Lifetime is running this show to the ground.
    No goat killers on my island.

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    Re: PR All-Stars 01/15 Reunion Show Discussion

    Quote Originally Posted by Little Sew&Sew View Post
    I cannot believe that no one brought up the comment made by Irina . . . . . she ripped it . . . . . when they brought up the subject of the 'wedding' dress fiasco!

    I learned three things from the reunion episode that I didn't know before:

    1. Korto is pregnant with a boy
    2. Zanna is pregnant with twins
    3. Alyssa has really hairy forearms
    Yes!! I couldn't believe Alyssa's arms......why? why would she do this? It seemed so odd to see her in that dressy dress/jewels/make up and big ol' hairy arms.
    And I'm saying this because long ago I was a young hairy healthy dark brunette Italian girl. During my life I've tried a different million ways to get rid of it, so I know them all.
    Some now weren't around then....like removing hair w/lasers. I'm thinking it's not the expense that prevents her.
    just odd to me.

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