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Thread: PR All-Stars 01/02/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: PR All-Stars 01/02/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I am glad with the final three. Even though Korto has not been rather consistent throughout the season, she did show her worth in the last few challenges.
    Working under pressure is what counts the most and Christopher clearly cracks under.

    Elena is still on the show because she worked her ass throughout the whole season.
    Albeit her strange fashion sense, She never sent a half-assed look down the runway (except that red carpet thing, which was awful).
    Other designers had looks set up in an hour with dresses ripping and tearing, some models even went buck naked down the runway. -.-

    I was a fan of Christopher from his season, but he just could not get out of his head to design.

    Overall it was a rather interesting mix resulting in a disappointing season.

    My pick would be Korto or SA for the win.
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    Re: PR All-Stars 01/02/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I will root for one of gge girls. Seth Aaron was lazy a couple of times.

    My favorites if someone would make something for me would have been Irena for romance and Jeffrey also for romance.

    One of tge toughest turnouts was Elena fixing the peplum jacket on that teeny blogger....good job girl!
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    Re: PR All-Stars 01/02/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by PA Snow Bunny View Post
    What I meant was in other seasons the bottom 2 were allowed to design a full collection & then had to show 3 looks from that collection and 1 would be eliminated based on that. I know Christopher & Korto had to rip 3 previous looks apart to make 1 look, I am not that stupid I did watch the entire show. To make it worse they were give 1 hour & no help from the other 2 designers.

    Elana's look reminded me of a nurse's uniform from the 60's complete with that day glow orange lipstick. Seth Aaron's just hurt my eyes because it had too much going on. None of these looks were all that great.

    I have watched from season 1 but honestly I am over & done with this show. I will give Tim Gunn a shot since I adore him but I am sure I can find something more interesting to watch/do on a Thursday night.
    There is no reason to be rude. I was trying to help and misread your comment.

    I do agree that bravo had best seasons. Really out of lifetime winners only Seth Aaron and Mondo earned title imho (Mondo) twice.
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    Re: PR All-Stars 01/02/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I haven't even seen this latest episode but I'm glad to see that Christopher is out. I thought he was the obvious winner as the token male that gets his butt kissed by the judges throughout the season like Mondo and Anthony Ryan. I like all three of the remaining contestants but Elena has been the most consistent. I'm really pulling for Korto to finish second again just for the hilariousness of it all.

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    Re: PR All-Stars 01/02/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I am rooting for SA all the way!
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