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Thread: PR All-Stars 12/19 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    PR All-Stars 12/19 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    "Nina's Trending" - "Influential fashion bloggers" descend on the designers in order to help Nina decide what the new trends will be in 2014.

    (If the bloggers aren't TLo, I don't want to watch)

    Enjoy the show!
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    Re: PR All-Stars 12/19 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Was it obvious that the judges were going to eliminate brilliant Victor and keep mediocre Chris? I wish this season was over.
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    Re: PR All-Stars 12/19 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Honestly, the only two I really liked were Korto's and Seth Aaron's. Korto earned her win, though I do agree the styling needed a bit of work - but it was fashion forward. Seth Aaron's was well made.

    Christopher didn't follow the challenge - the orchid was NOT in the dress, but the purse. That alone would've gotten him eliminated most other seasons. I HOPE this is not a repeat of Anthony Ryan - he's been weak for several weeks now.

    I personally liked Viktor's outfit a bit better than Christopher's - which looked old and like she was indeed dragged through seaweed.

    I honestly don't even remember Elena's get up honestly.

    My final three would be Korto and Seth Aaron with anyone but Christopher in the third place spot.
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    Re: PR All-Stars 12/19 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I literally LMAOed at Seth Aaron's huge glasses. How ridiculously big where they!?!?

    Elena - The proportion looked really weird. Makes model look strangely large on top. I agreed with Alyssa and Nina that the jacket was wearing the model.

    Viktor - The jacket was cute, but I didn't like the hanging belt ends. Sheesh, I should have known he was going home when Elena said she wanted him to be there at the end!

    Korto - Deserved her win!

    Seth Aaron - I thought this was quite flattering on his model. As a woman without much shape, I can appreciate this. A lot!

    Christopher - LOL at the awkward exchange between him and Nina! The lace didn't strike me as "army green". It seemed to have a gold sheen to me that may have confused whether he was going for casual or dressy. The double-breasted design also seemed a bit off.

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    Re: PR All-Stars 12/19 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I would have eliminated Christopher. It would have been an easy decision because his only orchid was the clutch. And I didn't like the dress at all.

    I liked Viktor's dress and jacket. Though the jacket was not the best choice for the dress, I liked the look of her going to a party and taking off her jacket when there. It reminded me of the best part of 80's fashion. I like a funky tossed together look. I would have handed him the win. I want that jacket.

    I did not like Korto's suit. Not at all. It didn't look comfortable and the panels lined with orchid were stiff.

    Seth Aaron. No. That style is all over the place and ready to leave the scene.

    Elena's jacket looked very uncomfortable and did not work for that tiny woman. I would not even like it on someone taller.

    I like that we will see ready to wear next week.

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    Re: PR All-Stars 12/19 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I definitely agree with Korto for the win this challenge. Her outfit was fashion-forward, tasteful, and the orchid color was tastefully-placed, although I also agree that the styling was a bit tacky.

    I like the idea behind Viktor's outfit - the edgy motorcycle jacket paired with a feminine dress - but the proportions were off and the light color of the jacket detracted from the dress. I agree with Nina that each component detracted from the other. That jacket, however, was exquisitely made and highly detailed and should have kept Viktor in the competition.

    Elena - what the ____ is she still doing in this competition? Her jacket was terrible on so many levels! It looked like a straightjacket, the peplum was very 1985, it was a terrible, terrible proportion for the tiny gal, and once again it showcased Elena's utter lack of taste.

    I think Christopher had a few good design ideas in his dress although he didn't need to put them all in one dress.

    Seth Aaron's sewing skills impress me. His designs, not so much. But the dress he made was very flattering on his model.

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    Re: PR All-Stars 12/19 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I love christopher. I think this is for Korto to lose.
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    Re: PR All-Stars 12/19 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Korto made a nice suit and I knew the second it came down the runway she was going to win. It looked more polished than the other garments. Those shoes...were totally wrong with that suit. The purse....totally wrong with that suit. Construction was her strength, styling was her weakness. She is coming on strong here at the end. She just might win it all/

    I think Korto and Seth Aaron were the only two who had the slightest chance of winning. I liked Seth Aaron's dress for his blogger. He definitely worked with customer in mind and normally PR applauds that when it's the real woman challenge. I think Seth Aaron made a dress within the challenge requirements that truly flattered his model. I do not care for SA, but I do think he did well on this challenge.

    And then we had the others....

    Elena..the 80s called and it wants its jacket back. Totally missed the mark on size and proportion. It might have been well constructed, but it wasn't fashion forward and it surely didn't fit.

    Viktor's dress was cute, but needed to be about three inches longer. The jacket was well constructed and a classic style. I was annoyed when Nina called him out for doing something already out there that wouldn't be an upcoming trend, but yet she didn't call out Elena for her 1980s jacket. I think Viktor's color choice was all wrong. Had the leather been in orchid, I think the outfit would have looked better on the runway.

    Last but not least Christopher. I, personally, like him. I thought his dress last week was one of the top three for sure. However, this week he missed the mark. I also wonder if the lace looked better in person than it did on TV. Some fabrics just don't look as good on TV or in print as they do in person. The hemline was off. If it had been even and not high-low, I might have liked it better.

    I think any of the bottom three could have gone home, it was a toss up.

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    Re: PR All-Stars 12/19 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I didn't see a lot I liked on the runway, but I knew Korto had it. I thought the guy that had the leather jacket that everybody liked..... I thought it made his model look thick and top-heavy; I also thought it chopped her up. And that ugly peplum that looked like a cocoon with all of that chaos going on....it also made the short model look thick and top-heavy.

    For the short girls, if you had boobage, you were in trouble.
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    Re: PR All-Stars 12/19 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I think Seth Aaron made a dress within the challenge requirements that truly flattered his model.
    The major complaint was that he did not follow the rule of the challenge. He made one of those color block dresses designed to make your figure look hour glass. Those abound these days and the challenge was to make something fashion forward. Something new.

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