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Thread: PR All-Stars 11/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    PR All-Stars 11/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I can't believe no one has posted yet!

    I think I am more angry about no one being eliminated than I would have been if someone I disagreed with had been sent home. What are the judges smoking that they kept Jeffrey around AGAIN!?!?!? Are they expecting him to explode into fireworks in a future episode!? He has done NOTHING interesting and this week he didn't even cover his model's private bits!!!

    While I can see Elena's annoyance at Victor, I didn't think he really "stole" her idea. She was talking about randomly breaking up some rulers into a geometric pattern that I envisioned looking like a puzzle. I didn't think that was very similar to Victor cutting some rulers into specific shapes to make a feather-like texture. I actually thought they might have Victor win just to ratchet up the tension between him and Elena!!

    I was surprised Irina wasn't in the top. I still don't like her, but I thought her dress was appropriately loud for this challenge and it fit and moved well. I liked it better than Elena's, which was just more of what we have already seen from her. I also didn't care for Elena's "pointy booby" detail.
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    PR All-Stars 11/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Wow no one is posting, does that mean no on is watching?

    Perfect opportunity to get rid of Jeffrey and no one goes home???
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    Re: PR All-Stars 11/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Closet, you have it nailed on this week. Yes, Korto and Michael made bad designs, but they at least COVERED the model. To me, when THAT much of a model's private parts are showing (even if they do wear thongs or something), you did NOT complete a garment. I'm not a Sandro fan, but at least his was most likely severe camel toe with a bit showing in his first outfit last season, but even there he STILL had most of the privates covered. Jeffery's here was almost "Flaunt it if you got it" bad.

    They didn't eliminate anyone BECAUSE of Jeffery - period. It's as though they're trying to validate his being a winner in his season, but what I'm seeing makes me *almost* regret saying I think Gretchen is the worst winner of this series (either networks). His outfit was BAD, it was disgusting he'd even allow his model to go walking down the runway partially nude and the top was so boxy. I think even Ping's potato sack dress was better made, and that's saying something.

    (Yes, I'm THAT mad they saved him - I think they're waiting for Korto to be in the bottom three once again so she can be eliminated before Jeffrey. I say this because she's the only other one right now who has more than one bottom appearance ).

    Korto has to do backs on dresses, and her lines didn't line up on the top. Michael's skirt - it was bad but again, at least he COVERED his model. If they had wax paper, he could've used the crayons better and made stained glass type panels to put between other "fabrics" and created a nice varied colored pattern dress.

    No fan of Irina's either (nor her attitude) but girl can back up her attitude with her work honestly. This is probably my favorite work of hers in either season (so far) and she transformed the outfit. I think she was robbed of being a top look this week (Over Elena).

    Elena needs to get over herself. Wasn't a fan of her get up.

    I felt that Viktor did earn his top look (runner up to Christopher); however, he did have a little too much muslin showing and that's what dinged him from the top spot honestly. No, he didn't do what Miranda did last season (too little unconventional material and more muslin) but I think that's the only reason for him no winning - his I think was much better made out of the top two.

    Christopher's outfit was nice, and while I don't like sob stories winning challenges, I will say he earned his win and did it by having the whole outfit covered in the materials.

    Seth Aaron's looked a bit arts and crafts, but he did do what I thought someone would and use the kickball as a hat. Would've been cooler if he tried to transform it into a truer hat.
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    Re: PR All-Stars 11/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I loved Viktor's comment that Elena must have the world's smallest violins playing inside her every second. I am paraphrasing and don't have a dvr so feel free to correct the statement. It make me smile!
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    Re: PR All-Stars 11/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Closet I agree with everything you said! Good post.

    While I'm not a big fan of Irina I really liked her outfit this week. I felt it really met the parameters of the challenge and should have been in the top over Elena's.

    I thought Viktor's was more creative than Christopher's, and while I like Christopher a lot, his insistence on telling his sob story on the runway was too much. No matter what they asked he was going to tell them, and for that reason alone I didn't want him to win.

    Jade I agree with you about them keeping Jeffery around just to validate him as a winner of the show, and I'm feeling really cheated and manipulated by the show not eliminating anyone this week, just so they could keep Jeffery AGAIN.

    That's the chance you take though when you have winners come back. They could show you up as having made a bad choice, and he has. He's also shown his arrogance with his "You just don't get my artistry" BS defenses of his stuff on the runway. I didn't like him much before, but now I really don't like him.
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    Re: PR All-Stars 11/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Regarding Jeffrey, I get his aesthetic, i just don't like it. But at least I would have the stones to say it to him. He most certainly should have gone home any of the past three weeks. I liked all three of the top three choices, but I did fell Irina should have been ahead of Elena. Seth Aaron's piece looked like a blah homage to his previous week's work. THese all stars are not impressing, wish the girl with the weird hair who won a couple of seassons ago was back. Michelle. maybe?

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    Re: PR All-Stars 11/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I thought it was kind of ironic that Elena was peeved that Viktor didn't give her credit for the germ of the ruler idea, when Elena didn't credit her model with the idea of wearing the leather jacket several episodes back.

    I liked Viktor's dress much better than Christopher's this week, but was okay with Christopher winning as he and Viktor were pretty much tied for first last week and Viktor got the win.

    I was disappointed that someone wasn't sent home. To me, it's not fair to the other competitors. I thought Korto would be saved, and Jeffrey or Michael would go. Those looks were not got. Any of the three could have understandably been eliminated. I wouldn't mind so much if they didn't send anyone home if it was a challenge on which no one had a really bad look.
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    Re: PR All-Stars 11/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    OMG! Another excuse not to eliminate Jeffrey. Are the judges afraid of this guy? That was a total disappointment. I also thought that Irina should be top 3 and not Elena who is a one trick pony
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    Re: PR All-Stars 11/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I like Jeffery but was shocked he was not eliminated. It definately smacks of wanting him to stay. I have wanted him to stay, too, because he had outstanding clothes in his season and I really wanted to see what he was doing now. How disappointing. His excuse is always, I didnt think this was something to actually wear. Really?

    Irina had an adorable dress given the fact that they got the supplies from an elementary school.

    Viktor didn't win because of the yellow detail on the front. I agree it was a disconnect. I didn't like the dress at all.

    Korto had a good idea but it just didn't work.

    I think the range of materials on this one was too limiting. I usually like this challenge but not this time.

    This entire season is lacking and I cannot put my finger on why other than it lacks Heidi, Tim and Nina. That may be it. I DVR it and watch later, fall asleep and finish watching in the morning.

    ETA- La Miniatura Kids

    This is Jeffery's new line of clothes for kids. Fabulous! It is hip, adorable, current and totally cool. I love it!!
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    Re: PR All-Stars 11/14 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I don't know why the judges didn't call Elena on doing the exact same type of dress again. Irina caught on to it and the judges briefly mentioned it during their deliberation but I thought when they told Elena she was safe, they would give her a warning to do something different next time. For a second there, I was afraid they were going to say she was the winner of the challenge! They seemed to really like her outfit, despite the fact that they've seen about the same thing the last three challenges.

    And I agree that the pointy booby thing the judges loved was atrocious. I didn't like it and would never wear something like that. It almost begs to have someoone come up and honk your boobs. Miley Cyrus would probably love it.

    I thought Irina's was the neatest outfit and was so disappointed she was safe instead of one of the high-scorers.

    I wish Christopher would have presented his outfit without the story. I think he was being too manipulative and I'm glad the judges saw that. His outfit would have won on its own merits so he didn't have to gild the lily with some politically-correct sentimentality.

    And what was with Jeffrey using the same excuse as last week "I didn't know it had to be wearable". What planet is he from that he creates fashions that no one wears?? He should have been eliminated. Does this mean they're going to have a double elimination next week to catch up?

    Talking about being on another planet, I don't understand Seth Aaron's design aesthetic at all. His fashions look like a joke to me. An unfunny one.

    Korto sure designed an unholy mess. I'm not a fan of hers anyway but she usually does better than this. Maybe she can't handle working under the Project Runway deadlines anymore. I don't know what's going on with her.

    I really hate that we don't get to see a preview of next week's show at the end of the episode. Instead, we have to see that ugly woman with the man's voice from Million Dollar Shoppers interrupting the preview to pitch her show, which follows Project Runway.
    Woman, if I wanted to see your show, I'd stay tuned for it but I don't so just let me see what happens next week on PR!
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