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Thread: 8/22 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

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    Re: 8/22 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Something fishy is going on with the editing (more so than normal) because I'm a firm believer that if everybody dislikes a person? Then there is something that person is doing.

    What is Alexandria doing that it seems as if none of the designers like her? What are they not showing?

    Yes, Ken behaved horribly last week. However, why did some of the designers say they felt sorry for him having to work with Sue/Alexandria? Then this week, some of those designers seem to truly like him. If he was such a hateful person then wouldn't they treat him like they treat Alexandria?

    My BS meter is going off the charts, there is some serious editing monkeying going on.

    Add me to the list that thinks that Alexandria should not have won. I actually didn't love any of the designs and thought that most of them were "safe". That's why I was happy that Justin was saved, he didn't play it safe and didn't deserve to go home. It should have been Karen. Is she ever going home? Many times now I've thought hers was the worst design and yet she's still here.

    Bradon's was a mess, should have had a trip to the bottom.

    Helen/Miranda really stepped it up. They surprised me this week, I had pretty much written them off as bad designers.
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    Re: 8/22 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I know I'm in the vast minority here, and I am on more drugs than usual having hurt my back, but I actually thought Alexandria's was great. Her styling was spot on, she took a big risk and she captured the inspiration well. Don't get me wrong, I loved, loved, loved Jeremy's, but it really didn't seem to follow the inspiration as well.

    Where I do sense BS is with the judges ousting Justin over Karen only for Tim so save him at the end. I was yelling at Tim to save him and it made for a very emotional show that actually had me tearing up, but it seemed a little too set up to me. Of course that could be just the editing I suppose.

    Overall I thought the designers did good work this week. I even thought Kate's fairy dress was well made and cute, but maybe that's just the drugs talking again

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    Re: 8/22 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Jeremy's to me read Letters to Home while I'm at Summer Camp - in a good way. I think if he had said it that way he may have edged out Alexandria's look.

    I am not a huge fan of her look, but given that "high fashion" lately has had some weird looks, it's not as bad as it could've been. No body part was showing that wasn't supposed to, and if anything, it put Ken in his place (or set him up for a massive meltdown).

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    Re: 8/22 - PR12 Show Discussion **SPOILERS**

    Quote Originally Posted by Duckyface View Post
    Overall I thought the designers did good work this week. I even thought Kate's fairy dress was well made and cute, but maybe that's just the drugs talking again
    Ha, Ducky! I thought Kate's dress looked like a giant, burned marshmallow. Maybe that's what she was going for. In any case, maybe I need to start taking some of your drugs to see things otherwise!!
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