I guess what gets me though is that with the FCC rules regarding game shows - and reality shows skirting the rules more and more they'd reconsider including said shows into the FCC rules?

This especially after there was GLARING redoing a game show to guarantee a different winner in "Manhunt?"

I mean - I understand changing a plan in a show for whatever reason, such as a game, but to me sometimes it becomes interference especially when it's clear a person is saved to ensure they have the winner they want.

Example - in "Murder in Small Town X," Gary Fredo (the host) admitted they were going to have the "killer" eliminate a contestant when the teams were split up into individuals during gathering information scenes. That said, because the paranoia that this entailed started causing the contestants to miss key clues to the game, they eliminated this plan so they'd stay focused.

In this case - the decision didn't affect the outcome of the game, as instead they just had an extra "Killer's Game" round (the elimination challenge).

An example of clear manipulation was "Manhunt" - where you could clearly tell some of the settings were in a studio and not in Hawaii and contestants suddenly had lots of bandannas - as the contestants who got hit twice were out of the game and the "hunters" shaved their heads completely or with initials as their "bounty."

The original winner when she found out that they were refilming scenes, said no because that was altering the results, and she was disqualified, being eliminated in an earlier scene for some reason. A different winner was declared, and there were lawsuits involved.

I guess this is what bothers me about the past two winners of "Project Runway" there were clear saves in both cases (no way in reality would AR's outfit been declared safe given how it looked) and the person went on to win. It's not quite in violation of the FCC rules, but it's sure borderline.

Michelle is a good designer, I want to make that clear. But she won with the producer's help.