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Patricia is the most talented person this season. But her talent lies mostly in textiles and "effects."
Given the very short time they are given to produce something.........even though I don't think Patricia can manage time very well.......we really only see some unfinished designs, which could have been fabulous if finished.
I'm not saying that's enough to be the winner of PR because it's a contest of designing clothes....and so far, Patricia has not shown anything that really stood out. Maybe because they were still unfinished.
I think so honestly, but again - I've noticed this with all the designers on the unfinished stuff. Even Stanley's WINNING look this week had some cheats to fit (tuck ins, etc.)

And having a talent in textiles and effects, if used properly by her or for other designers, could be a pretty lucrative job. There are some designers who could REALLY benefit from having those additional skills but are lacking. In her case, she has these in spades but needs the time from the looks of things.

I think the only time when creating textiles and time really hurt her was the stripper challenge, but then there practically EVERYONE stunk. Her's was interesting there because while badly made, at least she ATTEMPTED to try something new in by far the most RIDICULOUS time frame for a challenge ever made. Pretty much no one else did.