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Thread: 3/28 Project Runway 11 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 3/28 Project Runway 11 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical View Post
    Sorry, I LOVE Michelle. I hope she wins. I liked Jeffrey too. I care about the person with the most talent and ability winning. I don't think Layana has the maturity for the business yet, but I think she has talent.
    I agree. I loved Jefferys collection and thought he was the most deserving of the win. I am rooting for Michelle, as well.

    The stand out for me was Stanley's dress and I loved their fabric. I would buy something made out of that in a heartbeat. Very cool.

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    Re: 3/28 Project Runway 11 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I learned from this episode not to make up my mind by just seeing the designs on Rate The Runway. It helps to actually see the clothes as the models move.
    I really disliked all of them on the Lifetime site but seeing how Stanley's dress moved as she walked made a big difference.
    That being said, it was an ugly pattern...reminded me of that painting The Scream......it wasn't a dress many women would buy...more like a muu-muu. Michelle's was well made, definitely avant-garde but strange. What were the judges talking about how beautiful the pattern was??!!! It was creepy and disturbing.
    Richard has slid by for far too long...glad he's gone.
    Patricia hasn't found her niche yet. She's wonderful at what she does but it's not necessarily a talent in dress design. She'd be better at creating textiles instead.
    That was a ridiculous dress.....even if it was avant-garde.
    Layana is a spoiled little girl and her dress was a mess. She was selfish in sharing the material all the while Daniel was trying so hard to compromise w/her.
    Daniel's creation was brilliant and showed impeccable finishing.
    I'm all for Daniel for the Win.

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