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Thread: 11/1 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

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    Re: 11/1 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    I related the 70's with Wendy's pants. I had a pair of bell bottoms with the vertical stripes in purple and black. Very cool then, not so much now. Maybe that was the problem with this challenge. They said 70's and shoe inspired, but they really wanted modern, modern, modern. Anyway sorry to see the new and emotionally improved Wendy go.

    Now I remember why I grew tired of Suede first go around...his third person affectation. Laura looks to be picking up what we thought was the Wendy mantle in bitchiness, while Ivy, at least for now, has reigned in her claws. The only thing about Andre that stood out from his season (other than the gutter water dress) was that he was the butt of the "Where's Andre?" joke. Let's hope he isn't the butt of a joke with his designs this season. Casanova has learned about covering his models, and it makes him more interesting. Kayne should have walked the runway with his gold suit rather than his dull model.
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    Re: 11/1 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    Wendy's outfit to me felt '80s punk rocker nearly, though most of the retakes of the retro design were short of the mark.

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    Re: 11/1 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    This episode was all over the place. I love a disco theme and their shoe challenge, but that was the top and bottom?

    Ivy's look is #2? For real? I got 60s, not 70's. Uli's dress was very nice but disco? I don't see it all. Likewise, Andre should have been out IMO becuase it too didn't look like disco. Wendy pepper gets a pass from me - it may have been a costume but it wouldnt' be the first time where an over the top look came down the runway (but when deconstructed wouldn't be so bad). The styling on Andre's model... I dont' see disco there either, I see romance novel cover model.
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    Re: 11/1 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    Uli's dress was definately 70's inspired. Think Liza Minelli on stage with elaborate mini dresses that hung straight from the shoulders in the 70s. Sorry to drag you into that visual.

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    Re: 11/1 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    Finally got to watch the DVR episode last night. Andre (1) should have been eliminated and (2) is ON something.

    I agreed with Uli for the win, but that was about it. Liked Suede's outfit, too. They thought it looked tacky on top? HELLO, this was the 70s!!!! Disco! It was all about tacky!

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    Re: 11/1 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    70's fashion was off the charts....horrible! I lived through it.

    I didn't think any of the designers actually put forth a look that was actually 70s. Hmmm....

    I thought Andre's look was ten times worse than Wendy's. Surprised the judges eliminated her.
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    Re: 11/1 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    LALALALALALAAAAAAAAA!!!!! I don't know why I am reading this thread since I still haven't seen last week's episode but that is what I am going to do right now plus I didn't see the PR Finale yet. I just need my tea kettle to whistle & I have 3 hours of my PR to watch. Sandy & bronchitis really put a damper on my TV viewership.
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    Re: 11/1 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    I think my continual disappointment with what has happened to my very favorite show is ready to explode... my feeling are going from "grief" over losing it to "anger" at what they are giving us.
    So I have a lot to say.
    First of all, we know that a lot of the show is sort of scripted......but either TPTB are lazy or these are exceptionally bad actors to pull off some basic stuff....when you see 2 of the designers talking together about one of their designs, you can tell it's all staged....they don't even look interested. When their names were called after the runway, they would step forward before their name was fully pronounced...how many rehearsals did they have already?

    Like other posters here, the judges and I were way off from each other and (like others here) having lived thru the '70's give us a little more knowledge.

    Althea's: what the heck was that? what did it have to do with the '70's? Just a nice little cocktail dress that was odd.

    Andre: Ugly outfit, ugly colors, same dumb jacket, and nothing '70's. He was lucky to still be there.

    Anthony: Same as the above 2 designers...w/o the jacket, of course.

    Casanova: Beautiful color, great '70's design ( I remember buying that type of dress because I was getting a little thicker in the middle by pregnancies) It could have been long but it works well both ways.

    Emillio: lovely dress, great colors together but not really '70's....

    Ivy: nothing great, a little odd...don't remember seeing anything like that...the only thing I can give her credit for is having "hot pants" but the idea behind hot pants was that it showed off a whole lot of leg but Ivy covered them so the shock of hot pants was gone.

    Joshua: Why match the color of the shoe to the outfit? this was a perfect time to showcase some geometric '70's print w/turquoise. And it was dull and boring.

    Kayne: looked very '70's to me. I thought it funny that the judges, none of who were around at the time, said it looked like a J-Lo outfit.....no, maybe J-Lo adopted a '70's look LATER..not the other way around...simple math, people.

    Laura: had very definite '70's look but just somehow off.

    Suade: interesting dress but not very '70's and not exciting.

    Wendy: Had a very '70's look but it was just too much....became tacky and tasteless but fab idea of the powerful print, with black bell bottoms and the chain...she just couldn't put it together right.

    Uli: this one got me the most and the judges loved it....still can't believe their remarks. First she had this giant sequined dress, which would definitely fit in the '70's. Then she applied fringe on to of the sequins but only to the front...so it looked like 2 different dresses. Then somehow she added some kind of American Indian/and/or Native American (I'm not sure what's appropriate now) which then changed the dress again. But apparently, the judges didn't have a problem with all those different looks like they do with other people.
    I think though that since the winning design would be featured in the ad campaign, this would photograph really well: glittery, lots of movement and the stark white. "Very editorial," as they frequently like to say.

    If these people are All Stars, I can only look forward to a lackluster season. And I just get the feeling that the judges make their decisions on things other than what meets the challenge the best. And I think these designers are hoping more for Reality Celebrity-Hood than their desire for being the best at their craft. I don't think that applies to all of these on this season nor on other seasons.....But this bunch has more than the usual amount.
    You can tell which designer really really wants to become known for their talent and not to be "discovered" and a "celeb."
    sorry for the long rant....I so long for what used to be on Project Runway.
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    Re: 11/1 All Stars 2 - Show Discussion *West Coast Spoilers*

    Wendy's outfit looked like something that skanky Cha Cha from the movie Grease would have worn to the prom when she tried to steal John Travolta.
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