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Thread: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Maybaybie View Post
    And completely off the subject, but appropriate to the episode...I HATE BOOTIES!! Unless they are worn with pants, I think they look aweful. It cuts off the leg line and makes everyone look short and dumpy. Dmitry's dress was fine, but it looked dreadful with those heavy black booties. I didn't even like the winning look paired with the ugly brown booties. Am I the only one who thinks they look bad??

    No, you're not. I bought a pair last year and it was the worst fashion mistake I ever made. I hated 'em and gave them away after wearing them only once.
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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    Finally got to watch and...wow. I was frantically reading the thread, hoping to be the first to say that Ven actually made his client look way bigger than her before shot...but the article got that. I didn't change my mind about him, though...his behavior on this epi caused me to loathe him but I didn't care for his style already. One way monkey, for sure...what's really funny is that Ven's dresses totally remind me of what the Mothers/grandmothers would wear at a quincinerea and many of the ones I've seen were "zaftig." I really was hoping he was gone, too...that the judges watched secret footage of how crappy he was being. Then, I thought well, at least Heidi made him sweat a little and hopefully, he learned something from being last called safe. But no...he was as clueless as to why he was last as he was in dealing with Terri.

    I did enjoy Gunner with his client and talking about his family and Elena was a pleasant surprise. I am ok if she gets witchy with the competition, I guess, as long as she can be so good with a client. And I wonder like someone previously mentioned, how much is language/culture, not just in how she talks to the others but how she takes very negatively some things they say to her (as with Melissa last week). Eh, hope to see more of this, as she had me laughing quite a bit the previous show, until the dominatrix took over in the photo shoot. ;-) Actually, too, I thought she did a great job with her client - she showed off her arms, which were really toned looking, to me, and the way she did the top is something I'd be interested in to draw attention away from a bit of belly.

    Loved Nathan but not so much his clothes. Really glad Fabio did so well and he really did nail everything perfectly for his client and her friend - and wowza...his BF is so cute! That was nice to see. :-)

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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Dragonlady View Post

    The one thing that has stayed with me and has me still puzzled was Fabio's model...I'm paraphrasing her but she said said something about not like to wear dresses because she didn't like being a female because it made her feel weak and not strong....there was also something said about her wanting to be ambiguous regarding her gender.

    Has kept me wondering why she feels this way, was it something that happened in her past? I am aware that there are some people who feel somewhat "asexual," just read an article about that.
    but I didn't feel it was her sexuality that she was referring to but more about her gender identity. I was quite surprised after hearing her remarks that she fell so in love with the dress almost instantly. I was happy for both her and Fabio.
    And for all the designers who really tried to help each lady...shall I just say all that acted the opposite of Ven?
    I don't know if this will help out but I'll try to explain my point of view.

    For starters, I'm a woman, but except for extreme circumstances will not wear a dress to work (I usually wear pants, shoes and a shirt). I'm also straight as an arrow.

    But why you may ask I won't wear a dress unless it's a must? - Two reasons: 1. My job pretty much has me stooping and climbing things and I don't want people looking up my skirt, and 2. my particular profession tends to be male dominated and I sometimes too connotate a skirt with being seen as weaker than the male species. (This is bad enough as it is but my particular job I"m seen as inferior to them - even though I'm a multiple award winning photographer).

    That said, I loved Fabio's model's skirt and would wear it in an instant if it were made for me - except when at a couple of events where skirts are not practical.

    BTW - if I were Ven's model and got this scenario (I average between a 10-14 depending on the cut/designer of the outfit - we have such a shoddy set of what those numbers actually mean it's not funny), and he acted this way?...

    I'd gotten to the point I said loudly to my friend - "I don't want an outfit from a fellow who probably designs as bad as his attitude" and stormed off, telling Tim and the producers it's not worth my health and mental sanity to deal with someone who is ugly on the inside. (I'd also mention that people like him is why it took me 15 years to be able to just automatically pick up a phone and call someone - before then I was always worried someone on the other side would verbally harrass me like what happened in junior high).

    Only downside is that he'd actually have a legit reason to complain it's "rigged."
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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    its sad that such a gifted man is so insecure, but the truth is that almost all of the fashion industry from designers to magazines place a premium on thinness as the ideal.

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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by autumnsessence View Post
    its sad that such a gifted man is so insecure, but the truth is that almost all of the fashion industry from designers to magazines place a premium on thinness as the ideal.
    I don't think he is so gifted. One of the other designers said it best. He works in a box. What he does in the box is very, very good, but if he stresses out about designing for the regular woman, I don't hold out hope that he can do much outside of that box.

    If I were a designer, I would think the challenge of designing for the everyday woman would be exciting and quite the coup if it worked out.

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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    Here's an article from Terri's point of view.

    I must say one thing, though. Terri says that during the filming, she was a size 10. I'm shorter than she is and - I think - a little smaller all over. I'm an easy 14, an occasional 12. I know the camera adds 10 pounds, but I just don't see any way she was a real 10. I remember Kirstie Alley saying she was an 8 after DWTS. Made me think she shops at some of those specialty stores where a 1=L, 2=XL, etc.

    'Project Runway's' real-size model: Show was 'adult bullying at its best'

    Terri Herlihy and Ven Budhu during judging on "Project Runway."
    By Anna Chan, TODAY
    Terri Herlihy is still hurting from her experience on the "Fix My Friend" episode of "Project Runway" that aired Aug. 23. During the episode, which featured real women who had been nominated by their friends to appear on the show for a makeover, viewers saw Herlihy repeatedly insulted by designer Ven Budhu and brought to tears.

    He insinuated she was fat numerous times, telling her that all of the belts were too small for her, said that she had no sense of style, no shape, that her before photo was "a nightmare." He mentioned several times that she was 40 and a size 14.

    Advertise | AdChoicesIn reality, Herlihy told The Clicker, she was a size 10 during filming, and had turned 36 just two days before. And her experience on the show was worse than what Lifetime aired, she said.

    Herlihy told us that during filming, she was "bullied" into wearing no shoes or accessories. In fact, Herlihy said, she and her friend Theo Thomas (the pal who brought her on the show) had to go rummaging in "Runway's" accessories bins themselves because Budhu, who was supposed to figure out her look from head-to-toe as part of the challenge, was going to send her down the runway for judging without any accessories. "My friend found the shoes. My friend found the belt. My friend did it all," she said. "She laid into him, but they didn't show that."

    "I think (the producers) did a great job of editing it because it was so much worse than what was shown," Herlihy told us. "They edited it to my advantage because I would've kept looking stupider on TV."

    Herlihy said that even though the episode was edited to her advantage, it was still tough to watch.

    "I was horrified watching the show with my three daughters," she said. "I let him bully me, but I didn't know what he was saying behind the scenes when I wasn't around, in the confessional. It was hard to explain to my kids, 'Yeah, he was mean, but it didn't bother Mommy,' even though it did. I have to let them know something. It's how you teach your kids not to do this."

    She also said that she didn't react on the show because she wanted to teach her children not to be prejudiced or be bullies. Had she known just how bad it got behind her back, though, Herlihy said she wouldn't have let her daughters -- ages 14, 11 and 8 -- watch the show.

    But the controversy didn't end with the taping. As the episode aired Thursday, Budhu continued to hurl insults at Herlihy via Twitter, saying she had no personality and blaming editing for making him look like the bad guy. He has since deleted the tweets and offered up an apology. "I feel awful and I sincerely apologize to my client and viewers as (my) remarks were unintentional," he wrote.

    Herlihy said she was disappointed that Budhu wasn't eliminated for his behavior and after essentially failing the challenge to create makeover-worthy fashions for a real-world client.

    "If he would've gone home, that would've been a different story," Herlihy said. "But because they kept him, that's why I feel like (it's) not only putting me down, but putting down every person who isn't a size 6 or below. How many people has he hurt or affected in some way from all his comments?"

    Sean Herlihy / Courtesy of Terri Herlihy

    Terri Herlihy and her husband, Sean.
    "So it looks like (the show's producers are) all for it ... because it was adult bullying at its best about my weight," she added. "I can't imagine all the girls, women, teenagers watching that show who are bigger than me and what they think."

    Lifetime has not yet replied to requests for comment.

    Herlihy and her friend Theo weren't the only ones who were appalled by Budhu's behavior. The 36-year-old said that designer Gunnar Deatherage, who treated his own model like a prized client, saw how upset she was and tried to make her "Runway" experience a bit better.

    "Gunnar actually stuck up for me, and he spoke to hair and makeup that day and explained to them what was going on," Herlihy revealed. Part of the challenge includes the designers telling the hair and makeup folks how they'd like their models to look. "(I understand that) they didn't really take Ven's directions of what he wanted my hair and makeup to be. So I'm very thankful for Gunnar. And that wasn't aired on the show, and I wish it was."

    Deatherage wasn't the only one who wanted to make things right. Michael Costello, who finished fourth in season eight and third in "Project Runway: All Stars," took to Twitter Thursday night and offered to make Herlihy a dress.

    "I just wanted to do something for her that makes her happy, something that she can enjoy," Costello told us. The designer himself was bullied by a fellow contestant during his first run on the show.

    Like Herlihy, he thought Budhu should've been auf'ed. "It would've been right if they would've eliminated him," Costello said. "Nathan's dress wasn't actually that bad compared to what Ven did. (Nathan) achieved the challenge. His client was happy."

    Advertise | AdChoicesBut auf'ed or not, the "Runway" alum thinks Budhu's career might not be able to recover.

    "I think he literally destroyed his fashion career with this episode," Costello said. "I don't think any woman would want to wear anything from him ever again after seeing the way Terri was treated. ... It's sad because he's a great talent, he's very skilled."

    Costello also said he wondered if there was something more the show could've done. "I think a PSA message would've been very powerful at that point," he said. "But also doing something about empowering women and making women feel good, because that's what the episode was about."

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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    With that article I just remembered it airs on Lifetime network, which is supposed to be programming for women, I thought. How is what Ven did in any way a positive message for women? This should have been a time the producers stepped in and sent him packing to really send a message that it's unacceptable to treat people that way. I don't love it when they act up with fellow contestants but this was supposed to be a day to make the client happy but instead she's denigrated on national tv and somehow that's not enough to get him sent home.

    Nathan might have missed the mark with his dress but Ven was hateful to his client. Tim Gunn's parting words spoke volumes about what he thought should have happened IMO.
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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    [QUOTE=Jexter;4542436]I don't think he is so gifted. One of the other designers said it best. He works in a box. What he does in the box is very, very good, but if he stresses out about designing for the regular woman, I don't hold out hope that he can do much outside of that box.

    yeah, ven strikes me as a little asperger-y, but with the exception of this episode, i have loved everything that he has done.

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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    I agree that Ven really made a very bad decision on how he behaved on this episode....people will remember.
    Personally, I would have gone out on the runway with no shoes, no accessories, etc just to show the judges how Ven handled the whole thing.
    That would have made everyone sit up and pay attention even more than they did.

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    Re: 8/23 Show Discussion Thread **West Coast Spoilers**

    I keep hearing the phrase "no good deed goes unpunished" in my head when thinking of this episode. I am sure Terri's friend had the best of intentions when applying/auditioning/requesting (???) to be on the show to get her a make-over. We saw her apologize in the workroom and she's probably still trying to make it up to her now that it's aired for all to see.

    I hope she takes Michael Costello up on his offer and the two ladies have a wonderful GNO to celebrate!

    The odd thing is that Ven - while certainly not winning - is ahead of 3 of the remaining designers on the PR Fan Favorite poll. Are people just not voting for anyone other than Elena - which is yet another odd thing!!!
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