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Thread: Beatrice Guapo - Season 10

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    Beatrice Guapo - Season 10

    Beatrice Guapo
    Season 10 Designer

    Age 28, Marina Del Rey, CA

    List of websites featuring your work?
    Skirts Clothing

    First garment you ever made? First outfit I made was in high school. It was a '70s disco costume.

    What's your design training/schooling? Fashion Institute of Design and Marketing, Los Angeles.

    What have been your influences? In the past it was my mother's style. She has great style and made most of her own outfits. My own daily life, which includes my friends and family. We are all very busy, on-the-go women. I like to create styles that are fashionable, modern, statement pieces that are easy to wear.

    Item you're most proud to have designed? The Angel V top. Super easy to wear my modern shape. It's been one of my best sellers and it never seems to disappoint.

    Favorite designer(s)? Missoni, Chanel, L'Wren Scott, Proenza Schouler, Rick Owens.

    Fashion must? Scarf.

    Fashion faux pas that drives you crazy? UGGs.

    Favorite style icon? Kate Moss, Chloe Sevigny.

    If you had to name your label, you'd call it... Doble.

    If you weren't designing, you'd be... Painter/artist or physiologist.

    Biggest pet peeve? Eating with your mouth open.

    Favorite PR designer? Armando.

    Challenge you hope they bring back? Waking you up and making clothes from your PJs.

    Do you think you can win PR? Yes! Fashion is my life's inspiration. I love how the right clothes can actually create a positive emotional change. When you're loving your digs, you love life a little more. When you're loving them because I made them for you, I'm loving life with you! Besides having the emotional connection to fashion, i have the talent and fresh approach for the marketplace.


    Beatrice Guapo | "Project Runway" Season 10 Designer - myLifetime.com

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    Re: Beatrice Guapo - Season 10

    Episode 1 - The designers had to bring an original piece with them, then were told to create a companion piece for it.

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    Re: Beatrice Guapo - Season 10

    I think Beatrice wouldn't have lasted long, even if she had made it past episode 1. When you cling so much to ONE type of fabric or one technique (hello, Rami and the draping), eventually the judges get bored. I love knits, but you're on Project Runway. Maybe you need to up your game a bit. That poncho was horrifying. The only thing missing was tassels.
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