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Thread: All Stars 2/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: All Stars 2/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Critical View Post
    I really miss Tim, but I'm enjoying the change in judges and host. I don't want the change to be permanent, but I'm okay with these people for one season. I was MORE unhappy when they did a season in LA and still had Heidi and Tim.

    With Rami gone, I find that I've sort of lost interest in the show. His work this week was not great, but Austin should have gone. Those pants were hideous.
    I don't mind that the usual gang is absent for this season either. I like that there is a fresh crop of judges for the all-stars who don't have a prior history with them and can be more objective. That being said, I still need Heidi and Tim once the show gets back on track.
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    Re: All Stars 2/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    As far as hosting goes I will be mindful and not pick a best. The newbees are excellent. I am fine any way. None of those people are going to starve from not being host. I do love Tim. He is just very thoughtful, cares, has a good eye....(cannot detect problems with impropriety but knows modern)

    Rami was one of my favorites. Him not winning is going to help someone who could use a win. If I made an outfit with big dots, people would say I was using curtain fabric. That being said, I like Kenly more than before. But girlfriend is always rockin the 80s.
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    Re: All Stars 2/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Honetly I would wear Rami's look to work on Monday if I could afford it! Kenely has used the same basic structure ever since she was a part of PR. Her looked reminded me of something I might have worn when I was 10. None of her polka dots matched-up & she won...sigh! I am wathing reruns of her first season on PR & she just designs the same stuff over & over. Michael C coppied someone eles's desgin should have gotten him aufed just for that alone.

    I am honestly not fully understanding who/what the contestants/judges are looking for at this point. They get on a designer for being too junior yet a junior collection came in second place last season. They say something is for a more mature woman yet Austin stays. I am sorry Michael Kors & Issac do not design for juniors or the ben-gay crowd.

    I am taking a break from this show....they cut Rami & they lost me.
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    Re: All Stars 2/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    To be honest I liked Jerrell's coat much better than Michael's because of the patterns in the fabric it looked interesting. I didn't not like the striped fabric Michael used he made a top and coat out of it and it all just looked blah to me.
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    Re: All Stars 2/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by ButterflyFaery View Post
    I can do without Nina or Michael...Nina has her nose stuck so far in the air its a wonder she doesn't drown as for Michael he thinks he is gods gift to fashion...and IMO he is farrrrrrr from it...but I do miss Heidi and Tim but Tim is doing other projects at the moment and Hedia is dealing with some serious personal issues and that maybe why they went with new judges this season....now in a way its good....all the all stars know what the regular judges want and now they get a different opinion...but I stilll don't agree with all their deciisions
    I agree about Nina - she's got something stuck somewhere I like Michael athough sometimes he can be quite snarky. I respect him as a designer. I like and own some of his clothes, shoes and purses. WTH did Nina ever do? I know she's an editor at large for Elle or whatever (this week) but does anyone know her fashion background?

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    Re: All Stars 2/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by jucamer View Post
    I agree about Nina - she's got something stuck somewhere I like Michael athough sometimes he can be quite snarky. I respect him as a designer. I like and own some of his clothes, shoes and purses. WTH did Nina ever do? I know she's an editor at large for Elle or whatever (this week) but does anyone know her fashion background?
    Biography | Nina Garcia

    Says here: "A New York Times bestselling author of four books on style: The Little Black Book of Style, The One Hundred, The Style Strategy and Nina Garcia’s Look Book.

Responsible for covering the designer fashion markets of New York, Milan and Paris" .... "Recipient of the 2010 Oracle Award organized by the NGO Fashion Group International (FGI)." .... 

    "Prior to her work with Marie Claire, she worked as Fashion Director at Elle, and prior to that held positions at both Mirabella and Perry Ellis. 
A graduate of Boston University, as well as the famed Fashion Institute of Technology"

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    Re: All Stars 2/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I'd say being fashion director at Elle and Marie Clare over the last decade so years means she's done a helluva lot in fashion....even without her other credentials. Like her or not - she's got major fashion cred.
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    Re: All Stars 2/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Allie View Post
    hmmm, did Michael really copy or did they have similar ideas and Jerrel was upset because the other person did the style better? I don't like Jerrel's personality on the show, so I lean toward thinking the worse of him (bad me).
    I like Michael's personality but I do think he got his inspiration from Jerrel, although capes/ponchos have really been a top item this winter so I can understand why both used it. Still, I think Michael somewhat copied Jerrel. And thank you other posters because I had that same feeling that this "copying" had happened before.

    Quote Originally Posted by Little Sew&Sew View Post
    The only way to really know who copies who would be to actually be in the room.
    Remember . . . the show is HEAVILY edited before we get to see it. Everything from shopping at Mood to sewing/designing in the workroom to who walks down the runway first. How are we to actually know what happened when? If we are depending on TPTB to show us, we will be sadly disappointed if we are ever shown all the footage.
    Very true...I noticed that when Michael, Mondo and Jerrel were in the "dining area" eating spaghetti (ewww..but Mondo eating spaghetti was yucky) that the whole thing was very edited. One minute we see Michael starting to put salad dressing on his salad, and the next we see him leaving with a very empty plate. They tried to make us think what he said (and I don't remember what it was) was an answer to what Jerrel had just stated.

    Quote Originally Posted by Arielflies View Post
    I was so disappointed in Austin. The moment he asked for a '50s hairstyle, I knew he was doomed. Although, if he had left the pattern material off of the jacket, it might...might have worked.
    I could see how Austin was trying for a '50's look but it didn't work. The pants didn't seem to go with the blouse and sweater at all. And the blouse and sweater were fugly, for sure...very un-Austin-like. His forte is formal/dressy designs.

    Quote Originally Posted by dantrb View Post
    I can't stand him (MC) because he's always playing the victim.
    Although a lot will probably disagree with me here but I've always thought Mondo was the one who played the victim card. And he did it again in this episode, while crying and saying they trashed an outfit he made in honor of his mother. I don't remember if his mother is alive or not but it was totally unnecessary to bring this into it.
    Personally, I thought revealing his having HIV positive status on the show was not the appropriate thing to do but rather a cry for attention. I know a lot of people have tons of sympathy for him because of this and I understand that. The show was not the place to do this unless you want a sympathy vote. None of us can say how long we'll live...and I say that after being really sick and almost dying last year. Any of us can die at any time, regardless of age.
    That being said, I still think he's a genius fashion designer, probably a lot better than most of the designers we've seen on the show. He really doesn't need to play the victim...his work speaks for itself...although I thought this last creation wasn't his best but all in all, probably better than most of the others. I think his styling and accessories were his downfall...not the outfit itself.
    I really don't "hate" him and I would totally understand and be satisfied if he won this competition. Without a doubt, he deserved to win against Gretchen.
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    Re: All Stars 2/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    As someone else posted I did also not think the clothes of Michael and Jerell looked the same.

    And if I remember correctly yes in Michael's season he was accused of copying but back then his fellow designers did not like him. Thought he was not good enough and got angry and jealous because the judges did like his designs. So some of the competitors started to find stuff and were very nasty towards Michael.
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    Re: All Stars 2/9 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I'll miss Rami. Cannot believe he's out.

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