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Thread: Elisa Jimenez - All Stars 2012

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    Elisa Jimenez - All Stars 2012

    Elisa Jimenez

    Age 47
    New York, NY


    What have you been up to since your time on Project Runway?
    I have continued adding to my long and blessed career since my appearance on Season 4. Post-filming, I took my daughter and then-boyfriend off to the desert, leaving my rent-controlled Hell's Kitchen apartment of 10 yrs. (Heavy sigh) So very glad to back in New York City. lights of the years in between: Disney's High School Musical 3, The Killing Room, private clients, projects, students, writing, drawing, marionettes, petite films, photos and stop-action, and fashion committed to one-of-a-kind slow design and couture. I love my fulfilling life of making, creating, teaching and being a full-time mother, friend, and maybe in the future once more, a companion.

    What do you think you are best remembered for from your season?
    Let's face it. The most remembered aspect of me from season is the Hunger World blessing mark, a.k.a. saliva transfer from fingertip to fabric. Only television could reduce an admirable and talented independent career of some 14-plus years into the girl that spits on clothes. Delightful and very Hunger World! (She says with a pixie grin.)

    What is the one thing fans would be surprised to find out about you?
    Fans would be very surprised to find out that though I am depicted as quirky, I have had the kind of career people in fashion people try to have without necessarily all the pop fanfare, that I am a devoted researcher of many topics, and that I am extremely specific and dedicated to my art and fashion and the life thereof. A life well lived is its own art.

    Meet the All Star Designers - MyLifetime.com

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    Re: Elisa Jimenez - All Stars 2012

    Here's the one fashion Elisa created before being eliminated.

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