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Thread: Project Runway All Stars Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: Project Runway All Stars Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Jezebella View Post
    I wondered why Santino wasn't included. Anyone have details?
    No, but he could've chosen to either not participate, not participate due to conflicts, or simply put not be asked. And, if you're a relatively huge success on your own (which admittedly all are, but I'm regarding say a line in stores), then you don't risk a conflict of interest or the chain's wrath if they don't want you to participate due to exclusivity.

    From what I've read and heard about him though - I don't think it's because he wasn't asked. It may explain though why Sweet P is competing a third time (original season, that all stars challenge where Korto was IMHO robbed, and this one).

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    Re: Project Runway All Stars Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    DID you notice in the bios that Sweet Pea and Kenley are moving out of design? I think Sweet Pea looks better because she trained in make-up and has applied her skills to herself.
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    Re: Project Runway All Stars Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by Endit View Post
    The first episode is always so depressing.

    Even though Elisa's work wasn't as strong as the others, I didn't want her to go. She has a totally different attitude than the rest of the designers... not neurotic or high strung, not hurling semi-bitchy insults as the other designer's designs during confession or trying to prove herself like the rest (redemption, etc). Hell, even her elimination speech was calm and rationally thought out! She is definitely not a candidate for reality TV based on personality. Every season has one of these artsy people like her or Ping, etc, and it's a shame they don't stick around for long.

    Hers wasn't the best outfit, but I did like it. I loved the colors in the shirt and the writing was funky on the cape. It was original, and that guy from Neiman Marcus was right. I could see that on the rack at a store.

    And I definitely remembered her. It's hard to forget somebody who spits on their designs.

    A lot of over the top personalities going on, if I didn't know any better, I'd think this was RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE.


    Not much I can say, except that if that sucker had torn, it definitely would have been one of the most memorable episodes of PR ever.


    Michael's was better. Hers looked those strings that you hang in a doorway.


    I am so disappointed in him. I didn't watch his season, but I loved his show with Santino. He was so funny and kind. Now, though, he comes across as a diva.

    As for his dress, good grief. It's little more than a shower curtain thrown over a not-that-spectacular cocktail dress. And if I'm remembering correctly, it's basically a cut down version of his earlier dress.


    Looks like a paper shredder exploded.


    Looked lovely, but it was so diaphanous that you could argue it was more of a beach wrap. I still would have put it in the Top 3, though, for the lovely fabric and good construction.


    Thought it was cute, and the hat was a great touch. I'm biased, though, because I own several hats.


    Good grief, speaking of holes in dresses. That thing looked like a hideous Christmas wrapping job that came up short and had to have an extra piece of paper plastered over it to cover the gap. IOW, like one of my wrapping jobs. (The two great inventions of the 20th century: DVR for FFing thru commercials and gift bags for wrapping-challenged people like me.)


    Much better than April's. Very elegant. Still looks like strings of beads, but the way he constructed it makes them look shimmery and mysterious when the woman walks.


    Like somebody was wrapping a present, got a phone call, wandered off, and left their 5-year-old with the paper and the scissors.

    Mondo and Rami: Very, very beautiful. Totally agreed that they should have been the top two. I leaned towards Rami, though, because I'm a sucker for plaid.

    Sweet P:

    Looked like, well, a washcloth. The colors were nice, but the whole dress just looked ordinary, like something you'd throw on to go strolling around the streets of Cabo with your girlfriends. And the bandoliers on her chest made her look like some sort of fashionable revolutionary. Honestly, I would rather have seen Elise stick around and do something original. I agree with whoever said that this was just not the show for somebody artistic like her.

    As for the show itself, I miss Tim Gunn and Heidi, but other than that I'm actually pleased with the changes. I was SO ready to take a break from Nina and Michael. And at least Joanna Cole tries to act human, not like that snoozer who mentored on Project Accessory.
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    Re: Project Runway All Stars Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    e My DVR 'forgot' to record this as I only have it set to record "PR", not "PR-AS", luckily I noticed the thread here and set it to record one of the repeats last night...

    I thought I would miss the regular panel, but what I discovered was this: I didn't miss any of the judges- they were getting stale, so these new judges were fine. I thought Joanna did well and she obviously has the credentials to be judging fashion so that's a plus...but I REALLY did miss Tim. He totally makes the show. I didn't so much miss Heidi, although she can be kind-of quirky and funny at times, but I haven't really warmed to the new host (can't even remember her name. Angela?). She seemed quite stiff like she was reading off a card. Is it a requirement for shows like this (Runway, Accessory, AllStars) to cast a tall, thin, blonde model to host the show? Is there something wrong with a brunette or a nice sassy redhead? I didn't see much of NewHost's personality coming through but maybe she just needs time to gel with the format and the designers. I guess we shall see as the season winds on...

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    Re: Project Runway All Stars Premiere Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Michael was the clear winner on this one (and I don't even like him - with his whining and putting everyone down). Love Austin but Mizrahi was his biggest cheerleader on that round. God only knows why. All in all, the caliber of clothing on All Stars is quite good and much more refined and professional looking. Just wish everyone would get off the Mondo bandwagon. Yes, he should have won the season he was on and I only hope they don't automatically give it to him to make up for it.

    Kenley's dress was beautiful, wispy, and Cinderella-ish but way too young.......but it was beautiful for what it was.

    P.S. Is it just me or did anyone else notice when Austin's dress came down the runway that it was so wrinkled. All I could think of is why on earth didn't he steam the darn thing.
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