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Thread: Project Accessory 11/17 Show Discussion

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    Re: Project Accessory 11/17 Show Discussion

    I think James deserved to go. And he should have gone last week too. His catsuit outfit was a trainwreck.

    Rich deserved to stay because James gambled MUCH too high. James was betting on the bag being so good that it overlooked the lack of accessory. And it wasn't that great - the judges didn't like the color, the size, the porportion, the strap (they though it might break), whereas Rich couldn't really be judged on anything since he was so INEPT that he couldn't make any vision he wanted come to life.

    Shea is also not somebody I like now. I can't be the ONLY one who thought that making the bag like the judges said (horizontal instead of vertical) would be more flattering... that just seemed obvious! Also she's gossipy and Rich is totally right about her antics... don't go around from machine to machine ****ing them up because you don't know how to thread. When that incidient happened, all I could think was "Stupidity in action", you know, like that saying that goes something like "Stupidity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results" or is it insanity (who cares, the same thing applies!)... that was exactly what she doing! She was going from one machine to the next, doing the same thing, ruining them, and then wondering why nothing is working. Then people like Rich, who are already having a hard enough time, have to pay for her mistakes! They need to assign them all their own sewing machine from the start.

    Lifetime is steering the "Project [something]" brand into the ground. I thought that they were already an annoying pro women's channel, but now they are going further.
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