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Thread: 10/27 Finale Discussion Thread *West Coast Spoilers*

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    Re: 10/27 Finale Discussion Thread *West Coast Spoilers*

    A good designer has to have a fundamental understanding of construction and textiles in order to have their designs come to fruition. It isn't just about having a good eye. Simply put, you can't make velvet behave the same way as chiffon and chiffon won't tailor very well because it won't support all of the underpinnings (e.g., the interfacing, underlining, lining, padding, etc.) required to make a well tailored garment but velvet can can be tailored.

    When I was in design school, students had to take several sewing classes and a textile class before they were even allowed to take their first design class.

    And, I for one would not want to go into a building where the architect doesn't understand the basic principles of construction and engineering (and that is why they have to get a license to prove that they know what they are doing).
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    Re: 10/27 Finale Discussion Thread *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by ibot2much View Post
    If Anya had presented those three outfits during any other season, she would have gone home and only 3 would have shown at Fashion Week. The fact they hated two of her three should have sent her home except that they had already decreed her the winner. That being said, I wanted anyone except Joshua to win. PR already had an unpleasant winner in Jeffrey and I guess he is doing music now...even the previous "all star" show didn't help him.

    In many ways PR is reminding me of ANTM--- the winners really aren't doing much. I saw an interview with Christian S who was in Boston doing a trunk show at N-M and they asked him why he has had so much success when few if any of the other winners are there. He attributed it to personality and drive and that he started to push for attenton and sales immediately after the show. He mentioned that nobody else was going to do it for him. ..he ran with it himself. Maybe Anya can do that with her line
    I can't see Anya pushing like Christian did. She wasn't even motivated enough to work on her final collection. She had to be forced to do it. I just can't see her "resort wear" as her ticket to success. Nice girl, but not ready IMO. Victor was.

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    Re: 10/27 Finale Discussion Thread *West Coast Spoilers*

    I still love this show! The final 3 all got exposure and will succeed on their own merit or not. Laura didnt win but has a thriving business and there are others. And even some who didnt make the final 3 are persuing their dream and supporting themselves. Chris got his own TV show. Many opportunities arise for these contestants. The winner gets about 50 grand after taxes. They don't get a ticket to success. Jay, winner of season 1, never did get off the ground despite winning.

    This is an entertainment show with a pretty low cash prize in comparison to others, never mind all the work and skill involved. I loved it and will watch until they cancel it.
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    Re: 10/27 Finale Discussion Thread *West Coast Spoilers*

    I agree Shoepie. The show is entertaining, and if we're lucky, we get to see some very good, if not great design under pressure.

    When I saw the stills taken of the runway before seeing the finale, I liked Victor's line the best. However, seeing them move on the runway, I found myself gravitating toward Josh. I have no quarrel with Anya's win. As noted, she can now accessorize to complete her looks, or sell separate. My untrained eye hadn't noticed Victor's split line with the prints and the sheer blacks, but now I know that it wasn't a cohesive display and they were right to keep him in third place. They were also right that Kimberly has the eye, but needs to figure out what to do with it. Josh's collection wasn't true Josh, which he admitted backstage. He can't wait to get out there and bedazzle. Anya was the correct winner of the four who presented, even if she specialized in upscale resort wear. Now that she is moving to New York, she'll pick up more of an urban vibe for her fall collection.

    How unusual for this show that the final four are so close in friendship. It warmed me that even Josh couldn't be angry he came close, but no cigar. Maybe Anya will rent him some workspace.
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    Re: 10/27 Finale Discussion Thread *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Arielflies View Post
    It warmed me that even Josh couldn't be angry he came close, but no cigar. Maybe Anya will rent him some workspace.
    lol, I was wondering if Anya might consider hiring him since they get along so well! She could design the sketches and maybe a mock-up of what she wanted while he could do the bitching and the stitching.
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    Re: 10/27 Finale Discussion Thread *West Coast Spoilers*

    Well I'm pretty disappointed in this year. I thought it was obvious from the very beginning the judges wanted Oliver or Anya to win. It was plain after Oliver didn't live up to expectations that Anya was being groomed. It was blatant the last 4 shows or so. No surprise. I'm not upset she won, although I don't think she earned it with the runway show. I'm just upset with what I felt like was a lack of interesting design this season.

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    Re: 10/27 Finale Discussion Thread *West Coast Spoilers*

    They saw something in Anya that is difficult to define. Her style and her composure are compelling. Her lack of sewing skills made no difference to them because they all knew she can get help with that and she will learn very quickly. Once you carve a space for yourself in this industry it is a moot point anyway. She has an eye and clearly knows how to put something together. She is a breath of fresh air. I was thrilled with her win.
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    Re: 10/27 Finale Discussion Thread *West Coast Spoilers*

    "Sex scandal beauty queen" is the heading on my Comcast homepage. How did I miss all that!!!
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    Re: 10/27 Finale Discussion Thread *West Coast Spoilers*

    I didn't want Josh to win so I guess Anya winning is ok. I wanted Victor to win but they were right about his collection, it looked like he presented two runway shows. Nevertheless, he had the most refined and tailored clothes. I wish he didn't discard that flowy dress with the white jacket top that he presented for the preview (he only kept the jacket) and I wish that Tim Gunn told him that the see thru ensemble is not going to do well in the runway because of the lights. Otherwise, if he kept his theme consistently thruout his collection (the nice print and color), he would have won PR. I thought he had it in the bag.

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    Re: 10/27 Finale Discussion Thread *West Coast Spoilers*

    Quote Originally Posted by Maybaybie View Post
    I think after last year's winner, the producers wanted to make sure the viewers would get a winner they liked.
    That's exactly what I was thinking. After that disaster with Wretchen, the TPTB wanted to avoid having that happen again. Anya was voted the fan favorite so she was the obvious choice to pick over Josh.

    Speaking of which....whoo hoo! I'm so glad that Josh didn't win. For that reason alone, I'm not unhappy with Anya winning. I hated Josh's collection. I thought all that neon looked tacky. It's funny, because this week at the high school where I work, we had Neon Day in honor of Homecoming. Josh's models would have felt right at home.

    Anya was my favorite- but I was actually surprised she won. The way the judges were raving, I thought Josh was going to win (thank goodness that wasn't the case!).
    Yes, I was nervous about that, too. Anya wasn't my favorite contestant; I got irritated by her laziness? procrastination? I will say, though, that I loved her collection. I loved those colors and the relaxed vibe they projected. I am by no means tall and flat chested, but if some of those dresses could be altered to fit me I would totally wear them. It's ironic that the judges tried to avoid another Gretchen, because they basically chose Anya for the same reason: her clothes are marketable and can be accessorized easily.

    I was pleasantly surprised by Kimberley's collection, but I think the judges dismissed her before she even showed at FW.
    That's what I was thinking. Why did they even bother letting her into the finale? Hers was the only choice I couldn't understand. I must say, though, that she had some lovely pieces.

    I like color and was glad to see it on the Runway this sesaon.
    Amen! So nice after last season's drab finale.

    I loved most of Viktor's stuff, but I do agree he looked like he was showing 2 different collections and I think that was his downfall- the judges are big on cohesion.
    Again, totally agree. I loved his print pieces but I was turned off by the black dresses. They weren't even real dresses--they were leotards with a little sheer fabric thrown over them. What woman wants to walk around half naked in any season?

    I think they liked that Anya knew her "point of view" the most out of the four and that was one of the main reasons for her win. Even though she didn't sew a sleeve or pants or even a jacket, we have to remember this is about designing the clothes because she is a designer and this Project Runway, not Project Seamstress (although I'm sure that will be coming down the pike on Lifetime after Project Accessory and Project Styling and Project Shoe ). After PR, if she wants to pay someone to sew her designs, she can.
    It doesn't necessarily bother me that she's not great at sewing. In the real world, designers have seamstresses to actually construct their work. To see this in action watch "Mad Fashion" over on Bravo. Chris will sketch out his gown, shop for the supplies, and then merrily sit back and oversee his team while they do the work of putting it together. As long as a designer understands how to work with fabrics that's good enough for me.
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