Cecilia Motwani
Season 9 Designer

Age 34, New York, NY

Current occupation: Fashion designer and legal interpreter

Past jobs: Banker/ nanny/ chef apprentice/ hotel concierge, etc.

Favorite designer(s): My dear McQueen, genius and artful. His exhibit at the Met pushed me to start professionally in the States.

Training: Pretty much self-taught. I attended some classes at FIT.

What was the first garment you ever made?
Not available. I was probably nine.

What is a fashion must?
Style, please, style, your own!!!

What celebrity would you like to design for?
Ellen DeGeneres. I would design her a jacket with a tail and a big convertible lapel in a print I would design, a pair of silk jeans and a lace cut-out tee with open back.

If you weren't designing, you'd be...

Favorite past PR designers: Seth, Jeffrey Sebelia, Mondo, Casanova. I think I am my fave, fave. Sorry.

PR challenge you hope they bring back: This will bite me right back in the ***. I like the couture one; they all sucked at it.

PR challenge you hope they don't bring back: The grocery shopping. That.s brutal.

Why do you think you will win Project Runway?
I've already won. Just guts.

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