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Thread: Danielle Everine - Season 9

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    Danielle Everine - Season 9

    Danielle Everine
    Season 9 Designer

    Age 26, Minneapolis, MN

    Current occupation: Intimates designer for Target Corp.

    Past jobs: Product developer for Clothier Design Source

    Favorite designer(s): McQueen

    Training: Fine art, sculpture

    What was the first garment you ever made?
    Too long ago to remember.

    What is a fashion must?
    Good fit, balanced proportion.

    PR challenge you hope they bring back: Grocery store, kids.

    PR challenge you hope they don't bring back: Red carpet.

    Why do you think you will win Project Runway?
    I'm a resourceful designer.

    Project Runway Season 9 Designers | myLifetime.com

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    Re: Danielle Everine - Season 9

    She's one of my favorites to win (second to Olivier). I'm afraid people might think she's a little Gretchen-ish for being disappointed not making the top 3 (I thought she did well, too. I didn't care for that lacey ensemble and thought it was tacky.) Anyway, I'm a fan (of Gretchen, as well).

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    Re: Danielle Everine - Season 9

    Her voice isn't quite as annoying as Kenley's, but it's up there.
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