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Thread: David Chum - Season 9

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    David Chum - Season 9

    David Chum
    Season 9 Designer

    Age 29, Boston, MA

    Current occupation: I've run my own clothing label, Selahdor, for about three years. I wait tables the rest of the time to supplement my income.

    Past jobs: Waiter, artist's model.

    Favorite designer(s): Alber Elbaz, Alexander McQueen, Madame Gres, Nicolas Ghesquiere, Christian Dior

    Training: The only sewing class I took was in middle school. I learned to sew a pillow. All my knowledge is from text books and experimentation.

    What was the first garment you ever made?
    It was probably a ballgown for a show called "Cinderella Waltz."

    What is a fashion must?
    A good pair of jeans.

    What celebrity would you like to design for?
    Daphne Guinness. I'd design a crazy organza gown with detailed stitching and sculptural peplums, and a cropped tuxedo jacket to pair it with.

    If you weren't designing, you'd be...
    At the beach, tanning, swimming, and sipping a cocktail.

    Favorite past PR designers: Mondo!

    PR challenge you hope they bring back: The avant-garde ones are my favorite.

    PR challenge you hope they don't bring back: Any kind of a commission for a child.

    Why do you think you will win Project Runway?
    Once I have my mind set on something I will work my butt off until I get it. I am extremely driven and persistent.

    Project Runway Season 9 Designers | myLifetime.com

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    Re: David Chum - Season 9

    I thought he was a shoo-in for a spot. His garments were great. They wasted his spot for Rafael!

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