I finally saw this episode, and I'm with those of you who do not understand why Michael was eliminated. No, I didn't like the boxy feathered skirt, but there were problems with all the three looks from each designer. I didn't mind the turquoise color of Mondo's top, but I did mind--and couldn't believe that Heidi didn't mention--that the model very obviously needed a bra or at least some coverage on her nipples. Andy's pleating on that green dress was very good, but it was so incredibly short that his model could never have sat down in it. I don't mind short skirts on people who can wear them well, but nobody spends the whole day or night standing or walking. If an outfit is impossible to sit in, it's silly. Gretchen had that problem with one of her looks as well, and her whole line looked way too retro-hippie sloppy. I actually don't mind that sort of look when done well, but I don't think Gretchen's was well done.

If Michael choosing three looks in tones of one color was such a problem, how does the show justify allowing that all black line winning two seasons ago? I didn't like that they seemed more critical of Gretchen's line than Michael's when the designers were on the runway and then changed their tune later either.

Mondo for the win. And thank heaven I will no longer have to listen to Gretchen's voice/comments again after tonight.