I am terribly sorry, but as I explained in the Help forum, I cannot access the threads "Spoiler for Fashion Week" and "9/9 Discussion." I can look at the first page of those threads but nothing else, and I can't post in either of them. If a moderator can figure out a way to "jackhammer" the thoughts below into the requisite threads, then please feel free to do so.


I really, really hope it's true that Hivy didn't make it into the Final 3. I'm sorry, but she simply does not deserve it based on everything I've seen of her. No talent and horrible attitude. I'm also slightly disappointed if Gretchen makes it, but if I can sacrifice only one of them, then let it be Hivy. That also gives me something to look forward to, seeing the look on the latter's face when she gets eliminated...

OTOH, I'll be sad when Michael C, Michael D, and Mondo get eliminated.

As for there being more than 3 designers at FW, well, as they said when I was growing up, "Paint me blue and slap me silly." I never had any idea that the eliminated designers got to show at FW. I'm kind of glad, though, because I liked some of them, especially Casanova.